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Yasmine Rifai & Olivia Stewart

No description

lib hist

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of Yasmine Rifai & Olivia Stewart

Medal of Honor
The Medal of Honor is the rarest and highest medal you can get. Its awarded for personal acts of valor. Only 3,515 people have been awarded this prestigious medal and is awarded by the acting President of the United States.
Capt. Taylor, Armor
Capt. Taylor, Amor was engaged in an attack when it came under attack. One vehicle was hit several times by reckless fire and all 5 crew members were injured. Capt. Taylor brought all of them to safety before the truck exploded, but while bringing the wounded soldiers back a 3 man crew attacked but Capt. Taylor killed them all , bringing even more injured soldiers from nearby vehicles all to safety.
Adams volunteered to fly a lightly armed helicopter in an attempt to evacuate seriously wounded soldiers. Undaunted by the fusillade he continued his approach determined to accomplish the mission.displaying tremendous courage under fire,he calmly directed the attacks on gun ships.
Adams William showed
by keeping calm while under fire, he had to save the wounded soldiers.
Sergeant M. Pitts
Sergeant M. Pitts protected the Wanat Vehicle Patrol Base after an Anti- Afghan Force consisting of over 200 members fired and threw rocket-propelled grenades at him. Even though Sergeant Pitts had been shot, he continued to stay at his post and fire back until a two-man reinforcement came. Sergeant Pitts saved all of the lives of people inside the Base.
Robert D. Maxwell
Robert D. Maxwell was awarded the medal of honor in world war two. Maxwell saved his whole team of soldiers and took down the enemy after getting shot in the leg. In April, he was rewarded the medal.
Capt. Taylor showed
by one after another going to get the injured soldiers while being fired at.
Capt. Taylor showed great
by one after another, getting soldier by soldier, saving countless numbers of lives.
Finally Capt.Taylor showed
by voluntarily going into the army to serve his country while at war.
Capt. Taylor also showed
by standing up to the 3-man crew that was attacking him and the wounded soldiers.
Sergeant M. Pitts showed
by protecting the Wanat Vehicle Patrol Base while severely injured, one against 200!
Sergeant M. Pitts showed a huge amount of
for firing at the 200 manned group by himself until others showed up because it showed he wouldn't give up without a fight.
Sergeant M. Pitts also showed
by protecting a United States territory, doing as he was trained to do, and still doing so after being shot at by a grenade
Finally, Sergeant M. Pitts showed
by being recognized of these great accomplishments of heroism and selflessness.
Adams,William E
Adams William E showed
by approaching the fusillade with a lightly armed helicopter.
Adams William E showed
by saving several wounded men and reaching them to safety ( the amount of men were over 17)
Adams William E showed
by volunteering to fly the light aircraft to evacuate.
All four soldiers stood out in there own unique ways, saving countless numbers of lives, even when they were all seriously injured, they held their own, stayed strong in times of crisis and all showed extreme valor, courage, patriotism, and honor.
2 sources:
Maxwell showed
by keeping a positive attitude during war.
Robert D. Maxwell showed
over the enemy's weapon and saved those around him.
Robert D. Maxwell also showed

by killing the enemy with his tank
And finally Maxwell showed
by standing up and leading others when everyone was fearful and leaded everyone to safety.
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