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Jenny Schmitt

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Wisconsin


May 29, 1848

The Badger State
State Facts
1. Wisconsin's population is about 4,906,745.

2. Wisconsin's state flower is the Wood Violet

3. Wisconsin is America's Dairyland.

4. Wisconsin's state bird is the Robin

5. Wisconsin's state tree is the Sugar Maple
1. The House of Rock is north of Dodgeville
2. Postle Island has more than 20 islands
3.Winnbago Lake is 215 square miles
4.Wisconsin Dells is part of the Wisconsin River.
1. Summers are warm and winters very cold.
2. The average temperature in summer is 60 F and in the winter it is 10 F.
3. The lowest temperature in Wisconsin was -55 F.
4.the Highest temperature in Wisconsin is 114 F.

Important Dates/Facts
1. Wisconsin was admitted to the Union as the 30th state in 1848
2. In 1634 Jean Nicolet was first known European
3. In 1884 The Ringling Brothers give their circus performance in Baraboo
4. In 1990 Wisconsin's Population Reached about 4,891,769
Poem of Wisconsin
In Wisconsin summers are warm
and winters are cold,
Copper is made in Wisconsin
Its nickname is the Badger State,

1. Copper

2. Iron

3. Lead


This is the map of Wisconsin
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