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ATTACK! Islam Review Game

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 14 December 2017

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Transcript of ATTACK! Islam Review Game

Do NOT unpack anything (unless you have work to turn in). I'm going to be moving people around.
VP - Marketing
Some info for you....
The on Monday test will probably
take you all period. Bring something silent and independent to do after:

-Other HW
The Rules
1) I will place one question on the document camera

2) Discuss the answer with your table (WHISPER!!!)

3) I will roll the dice -- the group that it lands on will get to answer.
---Everyone else probably wants to take notes for studying purposes

4) If you get it right, you get to "AttACk" two other castles (put an X over them).

5) If you get it wrong, you get an "X" over your own castle. two more teams gets to try.

6) Once you have 8 "X"s, you are out! (but you can keep playing to try to ATTACK other castles)
-be in your seat by the time the bell rings

-have something productive to do by the time the bell rings!
-We will collect
blue Islam vocab packets
on Monday.
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