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Worldwide Poverty

Giulia Alberini

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Poverty

Where is Poverty? What is Poverty? Poverty is everywhere. There is a very high percent of chance you have seen someone poor in your life. Poverty is all over the world. Every minute 14 children die because of poverty. Poverty is mostly in India and all over Africa. Though poverty can spread. McDonald's What can YOU do? You can donate. Lots of people donate. Even celebrities, even if some just do it for their image and reputation. Still it’s a very caring and good thing to do. You might get nothing in return but it’s still worth it. You can spread the word. Lots of people know about poverty but not enough. If a lot of people know and want it to end. They can protest and the government might choose to help the other country. It might lead to a better world... Poverty Poverty GIULIA Poverty is when you live with about no money every day. There is a type of poverty called absolute poverty which is when you have NO money anytime. Poverty is not knowing how to read and having no access to education. Poverty is when you are sick and don’t have the money for health care. Poverty is having no support or family. Poverty is said and it should be stopped. Poverty is something that is terrible and can lead to different situations. Like: Street children, sexual abuse and threats. What Poverty is... http://www.earthinstitute.columbia.edu/articles/view/1780
http://www.stand4kids.org/28-2/ Bibliography How did it happen? Well people don’t know. Lots of countries don’t know about the absolute poverty and the hate around the world. Or in other cases they are selfish. Yeah a lot of people pretend to be caring and empathetic towards others. But they do nothing to stop poverty. Some people blame the poor instead. They say,
“It’s their fault they don’t have money, they have to find their way” Now Pictures... I should Donate.... The End KEY VIDEO
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