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The magical reindeer racing.

by Tristan and Nicole

Angela Altazan

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of The magical reindeer racing.

Where it's located?
What do you do?

you go about 201meters sprint,500 or 1000 meters.its pretty safe, you where a helmet and clothes that protect you from the wind.
the speed
The different traditions of reindeer racing is called Running of the Reindeer.
different traditions
February 6th
what day is it?
the most thrilling of the reindeer racing is likely the one in Tromso, Norway, where intrepid skiers cling to harnesses behind what are reportely the ''fastest reindeer in Norway''.

here's a video:):):)
pictures YAY!
The magical reindeer racing.
Reindeer racing is located in Finland,Russia,Norway,and maybe in Sweden.
what you do is that a reindeer pulls you while you hold on to a rope riding on sled or skies.

Comparing the olympics?
Assembling a dog sled team involves picking leader dogs, point dogs, swing dogs, and wheel dogs. The lead dog is crucial so mushers take particular care of these dogs. Important too is to have powerful wheel dogs to pull the sled out from the snow. Point dogs (optional) are located behind the leader dogs, swing dogs between the point and wheel dogs, and team dogs are all other dogs in between the wheel and swing dogs and are selected for their endurance, strength and speed as part of the team. In dog sledding Siberian Huskies or Alaskan malamutes are the main types of dogs that are used for recreational sledding, because of their attractive looks and willingness to work. However, Alaskan Huskies are the most popular breed for sled dog racing, because of their endurance, good eating habits, speed, and dedication to running even when tired.
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