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Double Identity Theme Project

Mr.Levendoski. Reading Class


on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Double Identity Theme Project

By Cally Lindsey Double Identity Theme Project I think that the theme is... Page 214 Page: 211 Caption from book: " Elizabeth" she says " Was your sister" Caption from the book: " Your Clone doesn't exist" I tell him "They made me instead. I am the clone" Caption from book: I revealed myself after all. And I know the whole truth now. I know there are no more surprises lurking out there any more. My Parents told me everything I hadn't already figured out. Connection: Bethany now knows who she really is. This sets her free because now she won't have to worry about being or not being Elizabeth's clone. Caption from book: "We always thought of Sanderfield as safe." my father exclaimed. " We didn't deserve anymore. We never dreamed that Van Dyne would follow you instead of us." Connection: This connects to the theme because Bethany finally finds out why her parents left her at Myriles house it was only to protect her. So know she knows that she doesn't have to be mad at her dad anymore. Thats why they sent her away Connection: This connects to the theme because Bethany finds out who Elizabeth is. She found out the truth so now she doesn't have to look and ask questions!!! Page 63 This connects to myself by... I know that the truth sets me free because when I tell a lie telling the truth always makes me feel at least a tiny bit less guilty of lying. My theme Connects to the world around me by... Court!!! When you are in court And you lie you get a longer sentence. When you tell the truth you get a shorter sentence so therefore the truth will set you free! What I learned about myself while reading this book...... While reading this book I learned that I should think twice before turning on someone. Because they might be trying to protect me in some sort of way. (Bethany turned on her father but all he was trying to do was protect her.) page 209 Connection: This connects to the theme because when Dalton finds that his clone was never made He found out the truth and it set him free because now he doesn't have to look. I hope you liked my presentation :)
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