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An introduction to Glitch Electronica

No description

James Bagnall

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of An introduction to Glitch Electronica

What is Glitch? Glitch Electronica Kim Cascone The Future? Oval Glitch group founded in Germany (1991) by Marcus Popp. An American Composer who has his own record company; Silent Records. Ametsub Combing glitch effects with other music styles. In many cases using Glitch effects as rhythmic patters and instead of drums. Kim Cascone Oval Pan Sonic Where Next? What is Glitch? Glitch Composers? A genre of music that's Prime focus is the "aesthetic of failure". The chopping and tearing of audio to create glitch based effects as well as sonic artifacts, is the main aim of the music. During the digital revolution, people were constantly exposed to digital equipment. The sounds of technology failing in particular began to interest many composers. German group Oval began to experiment with CD skipping, and creating glitch like effects from this. Others began to follow suit and began to expolre other methods to create these glitch and technological system crash sounds. Ryoji Ikeda All three regarded as pioneers of Glitch music. Rejected the use of Snytherzisers. Instead focused on playing damaged CD's to create their glitch sounds. Released Five albums looking at this proccess. Oval has continued but with only Marcus Popp. Musical Example An Introduction
to Glitch Electronica by James Bagnall Held many audio technician jobs, including working at Skywalker Ranch. Dips in and out of Glitch music but his article: The aesthetics of failure. Computer Music Journal. Outlines the use of digital glitches and systemic failures as key in laptop and post-digital music. Musical Example Other Notable Composers Ryoji Ikeda broke into the scene
during the late 1990's. Began to push the boundaries and focus on evolving soundscapes. Another key feature was his use of high frequencies and punchy short sounds that created a more harsher effect for a listener. Pan Sonic another key contributor during the 90's. Focused on re-createing the electronic sound using snytherzisers. Used handmade sine wave oscillators and a collection of inexpensive effect pedals. This led them to their highly synthetic, minimal, ‘hard-edged' sound. The Glitch Mob Ametsub Ametsub’s first album was released in 2007: The Nothings of The North. In his music, he combines classical and jazz style harmonies and melodies, with presice glitch effects. He is at the current forefront of developing glitch electronica into new and exciting areas. Further Artist Funkstörung Tipper Autechre Kid 606 The Glitch Mob Found the most fame in the music scene using Glitch effects. One of the key devolpers of Glitch hop. Incorporated glitch effects and techniques with their more mainstream based sound Klive Marrow
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