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Extending Passing Periods

No description

Abigail Escutia

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Extending Passing Periods

By: Abi, Andrea, Eli T, Alex R. Extending Passing Periods Exploring The Problem Since Passing Periods are only 5 minutes long to
get to class it's impossible to get to class on
time. Some student's have class all the way in the
900 hall and have their second class all the way in
the 700 hall or up stairs its also impossible
getting to class because of all the crowds of
people slowing you down Possible Solutions Best Solution Extending passing period by starting a petition
that way the school can see its something the
student's really agree on and want to change. Extending the Passing periods to 2 minutes, Make class periods a couple minutes shorter so we can fit in the extra passing period time, start a petition to get the school to change it. Implementation and Evaluation We can make this happen by asking other
students or teachers their opinion on
extending the passing periods and if they
agree that the passing periods should be
extended we can start the petition and
go up to students to sign the petition
during lunch. Oh no the bell is about to ring
better run to class!!
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