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No description

Jake Keefer

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Belarus

Europe Government People population: 9,648,533
Age Structure: 0-14 14.3%
15-64 71.3% 65 and over 14.5%
Median Age: total 38.6 years
Male: 35.6 Years
Female: 41.6 Years Belarus By Jake Keefer Prime Minister: Sergey Sidorskiy President: Alexsandr Lukashenko Culture Music Styles: Opera, Rock and Folk Music Religion Dress: Male: Shirt with pants/shorts adorned with a belt Female: non formal: longer shirt with a wrap around skirt and a head scarf formal: Traditional dress Eastern Orthodox 80%
Other Religion 20% Eastern Orthodoxy emphsizes praying and going to church when you can Capital: Minsk August 25th, 1991, date of independants from the Soviet Union Ethnic Groups
Belarusian 81.2%
Russian 11.4%
Polish 3.9%
Ukranian 2.4%
Other 1.1% Typical Belarusians eat a very light breakfast with a large lunch and a large dinner. Dinner is the largest meal of the day. Saint Euphrosyne
is from Belarus. She is a twelfth century Saint Sports Heros are Wayne Gretsky who played ice hockey and many more. Jakub Kolas is a famous writer from Belarus Belarusians like to use many herbs and spices in their food. Berries, mushrooms and peas are also very popular in Belarusian food dishes. Although Belarus is a Republic in name, it is really in a dictatorship by Alexsandr Lukashenko. The End The End
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