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Dassault Systemes

No description

Lau Amy

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Dassault Systemes

Purposes Main goal - recruit Value-added resellers in the following industries in New Zealand and having them sell Dassault systemes products Value Solutions division of Dassault Systèmes wishes to raise revenue and market share in New Zealand as a whole Food & Beverage Manufacturing Agriculture High value production Bio technology Clean energy Industries to Target in New Zealand Largest industries largest potential for
future growth highest need for 3Ds software solutions F&B= Food & Beverage $13.1 billion in 2009 broad encompassing meat and dairy products production and packaging- high tech technological equipment and engineering Share of GDP in New Zealand (6.4% share and $5.7 billion dollar value ) Sheep, Cattle and Diary cow livestock-world's largest dairy and sheep meat exporter (New Zealand) 2007 - 2012: 23% In 2007 - 2012: 17% majority of agriculture activity- north island aviation, clean technology, defence, heavy and light engineering, marine, plastics, composites and metals
super-yachts New Zealand’s marine segment- benchmark for high performance boat-building technology super-yachts PLM technology -the New Zealand government offers considerable grants upward of $1 million dollars 2009 to 2011: 27% Bio-science
474 Organizations Distribution of organisations and employees across New Zealand 2011 Growth and Change within the Bio-Science industry in New Zealand from 2009-2011 New Zealand - the forefront of clean energy production and innovation

75% of the country energy produced by green schemes
2025: 90% estimate over 520 companies/ organisations are researching, developing and commercialising clean technologies and climate change solutions in New Zealand Require creating a subsidiary business The Potential Value Added Reseller Based in Auckland and Christchurch
Expertise in industry-leading mechanical design system and engineering Cad Consult
PLM Cadimage Group CADConsult Does not require creating a subsidiary business The Potential Value Added Reseller The largest IT services firm in Asia
Specializing in providing innovative and technical ways:
to computerize plant and equipment
engineering high quality industrial automation products
Revenue of $11.6 billion; up 13.7% over prior year 3D geological modeling solutions :
mining, geothermal and hydro-geology industries
Based in Christchurch with:
Over Ten years experience in Geo-thermal and hydro industries founded in 2004
located in Auckland.
the reseller of Microsoft Dynamics AX
“low risk provider”
expertise in :
Process Discrete
Mixed Mode manufacturing
Food and Beverage
Industrial Equipment world’s leading milk processor and milk exporter – 100 countries Owned Brands Revenue of 9.3 Billion with a 8% growth in sales from 2011 Potential Customers in New Zealand highly technical refurbishment work for industries
2D drawing and 3D computer models, adding machining allowance
Large machining job - six wheel railway bogies, bulbs for America’s Cup racing yachts Export Brands: Grove Mill, Sanctuary and Frog Haven
Revenue increase 21% in 2011-2012
Dassault Systemes helps in grapes planted
Eg: Techniques for growth of vineyards on disease resistant root stock Center for New Zealand's largest Life Sciences and Agricultural Research Institutions
Strong working relationships with scientists from New Zealand universities and crown research institutes
Product development - extraction and purification of natural bio-chemicals, organic synthesis processes leading innovative engineering solutions
Sectors- renewable energy, marine loading systems, industrial processes.
Over 30 years experience in providing solutions Departments Economic factors

Low inflation around 1- 3%
It means that people are not willing to spend
Economy is stable
DS has better system and technology Social factors

Working adults consist 66%
Health conscious on food and lifestyle
Better technology is required to improve quality
Gain in demands for 3Ds software Technology factors

Rise of technology over the decades
Demand is an advantage to DS Political factors

Gradual growth due to discount on taxes.
Stringent regulations filter weak businesses
VAR are well trained while enjoying the tax benefits External Environment Porter's 5 forces Rivalry among existing competitors

* Level of competition is medium
* Price has to be kept the lowest possible
* DS has better system and technology Threats of substitution

* Substitution is low
* Controversies on ERP solution and PDM software
* It will unlikely to have a great impact on DS Threats of new entrants

* Entry barrier is high
* Costly, strict regulations, and high technology
* Fewer competitors in the market Bargaining power of suppliers

* Supplier power is low
* DS has better technology and professionals to manage the system
* The reason why level of rivalry is medium
* Loyal clients who prefer quality over price will choose DS Bargaining power of buyers

* Bargaining power is medium
* Takes time for clients to aware of the differences
* A growing demand for life sciences and energy industries
* DS will be able to secure large volume of projects The marine segment is set to double by 2020 wind turbine based renewable electricity generation firm
Increase from 5% to 20% of renewable energy market within next decade Fonterra is the world’s leading milk processor and milk exporter Engineering solutions provider for 15 years
Specializing in:
Product design CAD
Manufacturing CAM
Simulation CAE
leading reseller for ANSYS and PTC products in Australia and New Zealand Over 10 year experience in providing solutions for:
Process Discrete
Mixed Mode manufacturing
Industrial Equipment design and application
Based in Auckland, NZ Integrated wine company involved in: Growing grapes Wine making Bottling Located - Christchurch, NZ
a wind turbine design and assembly company, capability in:
wind turbine manufacturing, engineering design, research and development, production engineering, wind farm development, operations & maintenance
60 turbines a year 200 turbines a year
Dassault Systemes - improve capacity for the wind power Brand Awareness of new partnership in New Zealand
Necessary changes made to websites
Open communication between DS and new VAR
Increased workload for VAR without adequate resources
Incorrect or inexperienced personal allocated to implementation
Monitoring and discussion of KPI’s Implementation Issues Trade publication magazines for specific magazines & Appealing directly to the customers Marketing Methods Social channels, e.g. Facebook integration, pay per click Advertisement.
Search engine optimisation, Google Ad-words. Pay per click advertisement http://www.fonterra.com/nz/en/Our+Products/Our+Brands
http://www.spna.com/about-us/our-profile Findings currently partnering with Siemens (DS competitors)
offices situated all over Australia and Auckland
re than 24 years experiences in the design industry:
Consumer Product
Industrial Markets
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