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Samsung Presentation

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Andrew Zhu

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Samsung Presentation

Samsung: A Journey into a Global Company
By A.Zhu Samsung Group is a multinational company which expands into many different markets and industries, including electronics, finance, heavy industry and more. Notably in these few years, Samsung Electronics has been at the height of electronics dominance, and is the subject of this presentation. South Korea Established in 1969 , the headquarters of Samsung Electronics is in Suwon, in the North West region of South Korea. Since then, it has successfully grown into the largest electronics company measured by sales (overtaking HP in 2007 with a revenue of US$117.4 billion) and becoming the highest-selling mobile phone company( in the first quarter of 2012, selling 93.5 million units). United Kingdom The head office Europe of Samsung Electronics is in Chertsey, Surrey. Other headquarters include: Samsung North America,
New Jersey, USA Samsung Latin America,
San Paulo, Brazil Samsung Electronics has always been renowned for manufacturing products like lithium- ion batteries, semiconductors, chip and other pieces of hardware to companies like Apple, HTC, Sony and Nokia. However in recent years, Samsung itself has entered the consumer market. In fact, Samsung operates in 88 countries either having assembly plants and sales networks. So where does Samsung manufacture its goods? Samsung has 36 offices for production networks. 30 of which are in Asia..... Of which 13 are from China... A report from CNET in September 2012 revealed that Samsung had been accused of having underage workers in their suppliers workshops. This lead to the Chinese Labour Watchdog visiting to factories.
As Samsung had previously claimed, no under age workers had been found, however some workers did work overtime, were fined if late to work, and did not receive any sort of healthcare.

For example, at the HEG electronics factories, which assemble Samsung mobile phones and DVD players, evidence was found of workers under the age of 18 , but over 16, which legally allowed them to work. However, the Watchdog found that the children were treated with "the same harsh conditions, but with less pay" than adults, around 30% less. In addition, all 2,000 workers were expected to work between a gruelling 11- 13 hours with just a 40 minute break inbetween to have lunch. Also, workers often had no access to healthcare and received fines for arriving late to work.

Samsung later stated: "Samsung holds itself and its supplier companies to the highest standards. We have a zero tolerance policy on child labor violations and are therefore conducting field audits to ensure all our facilities in China, whether supplier facilities or fully-owned facilities, are compliant with applicable labor laws and Samsung's labor and employment right policies."

It pledged to check another 105 suppliers, who served Samsung exclusively, and another 144 suppliers to see if they additional on site checks. Samsungs overall globalisation has been phenomenal..... In Europe, 32 out of the 47 countries have an official Samsung website for their country, and for the other 15 without one, it can be certain that their are Samsung retailers in the region... Samsung has globally employed about 370,000 people and is 17% of the entire South Korean economy. Samsung's huge globalisation gives any modern day consumer a much wider variation and choice of product, no matter whether they are in Beijing or New York. Samsung Electronic's influence on the consumer electronics however could make it difficult for other brands to grow in a highly competitive market. For example Taiwanese mobile electronics company, HTC. Nonetheless, the ability for a large scale domestic company to turn into a colossal enterprise like Samsung really does bless consumers. Thanks For Listening.
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