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Romeo + Juliet?

No description

Vickie Reljin

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Romeo + Juliet?

Once, quite recently, in fair Verona, Wisconsin, a fight broke out. Not that this was unusual. The jocks, Tyler Capulet and his followers, and Romeo Montague, a theater/dance kid, and his friends, are always getting into fights with each other... Romeo Montague Ben Montague Juliet Capulet Tyler Capulet Rose Allen Mark Cushio Perry Rist Tybalt* Paris Rosaline* Mercutio Benvolio Romeo is the star of the show - literally. He has the lead in Verona High's ballet production of Peter Pan. Romeo gets made fun of a lot for dancing but his best friends, Ben and Mark, help him get even. Rose has been his crush for a long time...until a new girl comes along. Ben is Romeo's cousin and one of his best friends. Ben mostly wants peace but he'll help Romeo get even with the guys who make fun of him (mostly Tyler) if it makes Romeo happy. He covers for his friends a lot but he doesn't mind. Mark is Romeo's other best friend. He is the class clown and everyone, except Tyler, likes him. Even the principal likes him, so he can get away with a lot. He can also make anyone feel better by making them laugh. As the star of the track team, Rose gets plenty of attention from guys but she turns down all of them, which is probably why Romeo seems to want to be with her even more. She meets the new girl, Juliet, and soon they're best friends. From the second Perry sees the new cheerleader, Juliet, he knows he wants to go out with her, like, immediately. He tries everything he can to win her over. He tries to get close to her cousin, Tyler, the quarterback, too. Tyler Capulet is quite a monster. His cousin, Juliet, just moved to his school and he's going to protect her from everyone, especially that freak Romeo. It's a good thing that she became a cheerleader for the football team, that he is the quarterback for, so that he can keep an eye on her. Brand new to Verona, Juliet is slightly nervous but her cousin Tyler goes here and he's always there for her. The cheerleaders welcomed her with open arms, too, and there are a couple of boys who wouldn't mind snuggling up next to her (although she doesn't know how fond she is of that idea.) Principal Callus Prince Escalus Principal Callus, the head of Verona High, is nice - most of the time. If there are students that are acting up he finds a punishment, but otherwise, he likes to think of himself as a friend to some of his pupils. Professor Laurence Friar Laurence Everyone says that Professor Laurence is crazy but Romeo doesn't care. The Professor is his favorite teacher and sometimes Romeo will go to him for advice. Bale Thezer Balthasar Sam Thomson Sampson Sam is one of Tyler's best friends and is also on the football team. He also doesn't like Romeo very much and usually tags along with Tyler when Tyler makes fun of Romeo but Sam isn't as bad as Tyler. Bale is one of Romeo's friends. He is usually with his best friend Anthony. Bale really likes music and does some of the theater's music for the plays. Greg Arrie Gregory Greg is another one of Tyler's friends. Sam is Greg's best friend, though. They do everything together, when they aren't following Tyler, that is. Sam: Yo, Greg! Did you hear about Romeo's new dance thing?
Greg: Why would I? It's not like we hang out with him and his dancing friends or anything.
Sam: Yeah, well he got a lead in the new dance thing. He's like a princess or something.
Greg: Ha, that's so lame.
Sam: I know. Romeo should learn how to be a man like us.
A: Hold up, Bale. What did you guys just say about Romeo?
Sam: Uh, let's see. That he's a girl. He needs to stop dancing and do something manly.
Bale: Dude, not cool. Romeo's way manlier than you'll ever be.
Sam: *Gives them the finger.*
A: Are you going to take that back or are we gonna fight?
Sam: Well, I'm not taking it back, that's for sure.
A: Ha, I don't believe this.
Sam to Greg: Look, Tyler's coming. Let's do this thing.
Sam to everyone: You better believe it. *Punches A.* Anthony "A" Bram Abram Anthony, or "A" as his friends call him is another one of Romeo's friends. Bale is his best friend, though. They both play guitar and plan on starting a band, if they could find a drummer. A also likes to tease people a lot. Introducing... in
Romeo + Juliet? Ben: Woah, what is going on here? Break it up guys!
Sam: Why...*punch*...do you...*punch*...care...Montague?
Ben: Well, for one you are punching my friend!
Tyler: Hey, Montague, would you like it if we punched you instead?
Ben: Woah, woah, woah, hold on! I'm just trying to break it up!
Tyler: Doesn't look that way from where I'm standing. *Punches Ben in the face.* Several teachers come and try to break it apart as well but they are unsuccessful. Until...
Principal Callus: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? You are all causing complete destruction in my school! Just stop right now. You all have detention for a week. If this happens again, you will be suspended or expelled depending on how I'm feeling. You, Mr. Capulet, please accompany me to my office. A to Bale and Ben: Guys, where's Romeo?
Bale: I don't know, dude.
Ben: I'll go find him, make sure he's alright or whatever. You guys ok?
A: Yup, great. Just got a black eye, that's all.
Bale: Eh, my lip's split but I'll be fine.
Ben: Ok then, see you guys later. Ben: Dude, where have you been?
Romeo: Um, you know, just around.
Ben: You've been watching track practice from under the bleachers again haven't you?
Romeo: So, wouldn't you want to watch a bunch of girls run around...*looks dreamily at Rose*
Ben: Right... So, when are you going to give up with her?
Romeo: That's like asking when I'm going to give up breathing.
Ben: Ha, right. You know there are like a hundred girls that are better than her at our school.
Romeo: Whatever, dude. I'm going to try to ask her out again...
Ben: And get rejected again...
Romeo: Hey, you don't know that.
Ben: ...and spend the whole weekend crying again!
Romeo: Not fair, Ben. Just go, like, do Trig or something.
Ben: I don't even take Trig...I'm in AP Stats with you, ya dummy.
Romeo: Whatever. I'm going to go do something important, with my life now.
Ben: You mean like get rejected by Rose?
Romeo: Just shut up, dude! Romeo: Hey, Rose.
Rose: Hi, Romeo. Before you ask, the answer is...
Romeo: No, don't say it! Please, don't. I just wanted to talk!
Rose: Alright, then. What about?
Romeo: Um, well...Nice day today, right?
Rose: Um, sure, Romeo? It's kinda warm but whatever you say...
Romeo: Whatever I say? So I can say "Please, oh please, go out with me!" and you will?
Rose: *sighs* Romeo, we've been through this. I'm not ever, never, ever going out with you.
Romeo: But why? You don't even have a boyfriend! You are so beautiful and no one can even appreciate that.
Rose: I already told you, Romeo. I'm not going to have a boyfriend, and I'm sure if someone thinks I'm beautiful, then they can look at me and appreciate it. I don't have to be going out with them for that! Now I have to go take a shower and get ready for class. Good-bye, Romeo. Perry: Woah. Hey, Tyler, who's your friend?
Tyler: This is my cousin, Juliet. It's her first day. She just came into the Principal's office when I came out so I offered to show her around, obviously.
Juliet: You've really got to be more careful, Tyler. It looks like those boys beat you up pretty badly.
Tyler: No. What are you talking about? I'm fine! Anyway, they're wimps.
Perry: So, Juliet, why Verona?
Juliet: Well, my parents needed to move and my uncle, Tyler's dad, lives here and he and my dad are pretty close so my dad just decided here.
Perry: Awesome!
Tyler: Uh, not really, dude. Anyway, come on, Juliet. Let's go see about that cheerleading.
Perry: Bye, Juliet. See you later! A: Hey, guys did you hear about the party Tyler's throwing?
Romeo: Yeah, but A, why would we go to Tyler's party?
A: You know, liven it up a little! Principal C isn't gonna stop us from fighting if we're at Tyler's house, now is he?
Romeo: Come on guys, you didn't need to do that for me...
Ben: Yeah, he's right and no more. Got it, A?
A: Fine...but can we still go?
Bale: Yeah, I heard EVERYONE is going to be there.
Romeo: Everyone?
Bale: Yep, dude, even Rose.
A: But you know this is like the, what, sixth time she's rejected you? You probably seem really desperate...
Ben: He's right, ya know. Maybe we should go to this party. Find some new girls for you.
Bale: Hey, us too!
Ben: Yeah, yeah. We'll all go! But no fighting, guys. Perry: Hey, Juliet! So I've been meaning to talk to you! What's up?
Juliet: Um, not much...what was your name again?
Perry: The name's Perry, but you can call me whatever you want, sweetheart.
Juliet: Yeah, well you can't. My name is Juliet, Perry. Nothing else.
Perry: Right...So, Juliet, you going to Tyler's party tonight?
Juliet: Well I better be. I think he's having it just for me. You know, so I can meet people and stuff.
Perry: Do you want to go with me? To the party, I mean?
Juliet: Um, sorry Perry, but I don't even know you so I'm just gonna go, you know, to my next class...
Perry: Oh, alright, well, um...see you at the party, Juliet. A: Did you guys see the new girl? She's H-O-T!
Bale: Yeah, dude, she definitely is. Hope she's at the party.
A: Yeah, she's gonna be. I heard she was Tyler's cousin. Poor girl. Did you see her Romeo?
Romeo: Hm? What? Oh, um, no.
A: Too bad, dude. She would make you get over your Rose thing real quick.
Romeo: I really doubt that...
Bale: Well, we'll see who's right pretty soon. We're almost there. Hey look, it's Mark.
Ben: Yo, Mark! Where were you today?
A: Yeah, you missed a huge fight! All of us (well minus the love-sick one over there) got detention for a week!
Mark: Dude, nice. Nice black eye, too! I just had better things to do than school today. You know how it is...my bed was awfully comfy this morning. And this afternoon...but then I got the text and I knew I would NOT miss this party! Yo, Romeo, how's life without Rose treating you?
Romeo: Shut up, dude.
Mark: Someone's happy!
Romeo: I have a feeling that something really bad is going to happen tonight.
Mark: You mean besides you seeing Rose not as your date.
Romeo: I'm serious, dude.
Mark: Fine, whatever, you're really moody today. Ayy! Here we are! Let's get this party started! Tyler: Sup, everyone. Ha ha! Who wants to dance with me?
Juliet: Oh my goodness. He is so drunk. Does he get like this a lot?
Perry: Sometimes...well, actually, most of the time. At least whenever there's a party.
Juliet: Shouldn't you be off with your girlfriend or something, Perry?
Perry: Nah, I'll stay here with you, Princess.
Juliet: I told you, it's Juliet. Nothing else.
Somewhere else in the party: Yoo hoo! Perry!
Juliet: Go, I'll be fine.
Perry: That's alright.
Juliet: I'm serious! Go!
Perry: Fine. No need to get mad...
Tyler: Woah, do you hear that, Jules? I think that freak's here.
Juliet: I think you are just hearing things, Tyler. You are really drunk. Hey look, I think this girl wants to take you up on your offer to dance. *Sees Romeo across the party and smiles.* Have fun, Tyler. Juliet: Hi, I don't think we know each other. I'm Juliet. I just moved here.
Romeo: Romeo. Nice to meet you. Um, do you want to dance?
Juliet: Sure!
Romeo: *Dancing* So this might sound weird, but do you have a boyfriend, Juliet?
Juliet: *Blushes* No, I don't. Do you have a girlfriend?
Romeo: No. So, um, do you want to change that?
Juliet: Maybe? You know this is kinda weird. We don't know anything about each other.
Romeo: I don't think it's weird. *Looks into her eyes.*
Juliet: Yeah... Do you want to go outside?
Romeo: Lead the way.
Juliet: *Holding hands with Romeo* This is kinda nice, I guess.
Romeo: Yeah. It is. *Moves in to kiss her.*
Ben: Woah, hey Romeo, let's go. A is getting kinda mad and I don't wanna start anything right now. Mark, go find Bale. We gotta go!
Romeo: Do you have a phone Juliet?
Juliet: Yeah, here's my number. *Writes it on his arm.*
Romeo: Bye, Juliet!
Juliet: Good-bye, Romeo. Juliet: Hey, Sam.
Sam: Oh, hey, Juliet.
Juliet: Tell me about that guy that's leaving right now.
Sam: Oh, them? Well, I'm not sure which one you are talking about but they are all bad news. Especially Romeo. He's a dancer (what a girl thing!) and Tyler and the rest of us hate him. The others are enemies because they are friends with him. Stay away from them, Juliet.
Juliet: Oh, alright. I was just wondering. Thanks, Sam. Mark: Hey, dude, where are you going? I thought we were gonna do stuff.
Romeo: Nah, I gotta go. Sorry, Mark.
Ben: Whatever, man. You gotta get over this Rose thing.
Romeo: Yeah, yeah. See you guys.
Mark: Wait, where are you going? Your house is in the opposite direction! Or just keep walking...that's fine too. Dude, Romeo's got some serious issues.
Ben: Tell me about it. Juliet: Oh, hi. You're Rose, right?
Rose: That's me.
Juliet: I'm Juliet. I'm in your science class.
Rose: Yeah, I remember you. Hey, what's up? You look kinda down, if you don't mind me saying.
Juliet: Yeah, no, it's fine. It's just I met this really nice guy and I like him, I guess, but Sam says that Tyler and the boys don't like him. Tyler's my cousin so I guess I should listen to him and all, especially since he knows everyone but I just don't know.
Rose: Oh. I see your problem! Does your special guy have a name?
Juliet: Romeo.
Rose: Oh, wow, girl. Romeo has been trying to get me to go out with him for almost a year, now. If he actually went after you it must mean he really likes you. Normally he wouldn't look at anyone else if I was in the room.
Juliet: Why haven't you gone out with him? Is he really weird or something?
Rose: No. I would have gone out with him. I just don't want a boyfriend. I put him down kinda hard a lot but he always comes back. That boy's persistent. You want some advice? Don't listen to what other people say. Just listen to your heart and follow that. I know it's kind of cheesy, but you know.
Juliet: Yeah... Thanks Rose.
Rose: Don't mention it. Juliet: *Cell phone rings and she picks it up* Hello?
Romeo: Juliet?
Juliet: Hi, Romeo.
Romeo: How did you know?
Juliet: I can recognize the sound of your voice. Anyway, I talked to Sam and he kind of said that all of them hate you and your friends.
Romeo: Yep.
Juliet: Why? I mean, what's so wrong with being a dancer? I think it's cool.
Romeo: Well, thanks. I love it. They're the only ones that have a problem with it. Did you know that I am the lead in the school's Peter Pan dance?
Juliet: Cool! Well I definitely don't have a problem with it. In fact, I would like to come see you practice some time. I don't care what Tyler and the others say.
Romeo: I could definitely arrange that, especially since you're my girlfriend and all. You are my girlfriend right?
Juliet: Uh, I don't think we exactly talked about this. If Tyler sees us together he'll kill you. And not just figuratively either. Maybe I can, I don't know. We just have to be careful. But do you really like me, Romeo? I mean, we just met.
Romeo: Of course I like you Juliet.
Juliet: Some people, like my old friends, used to say that I fell for people to easily. Maybe that's what's happening here. I don't know, Romeo. It all happened really quickly.
Romeo: But I really do like you, Juliet, even if you might not.
Juliet: I have an idea, Romeo. We are both really tired and are caught up in the moment and all that. Why don't we both just go to bed and we'll see how we feel in the morning, alright?
Romeo: Aw, come on, Juliet.
Juliet: What, Romeo?
Romeo: Just tell me you like me.
Juliet: You are a great guy and I do I like you, Romeo. Now I have to go.
Romeo. This just doesn't seem real.
Juliet: If you really want for me to be your girlfriend just ask me or make it official tomorrow or something. Now I really do have to go. Good night.
Romeo: Good night, Juliet. See you tomorrow. Romeo: Good morning, Professor.
Professor Laurence: Why, if it isn't my favorite student. What can I do for you so early, Romeo? What's wrong? Were you up crying over Rose again?
Romeo: No, no. I'm over Rose. I need some advice. You were married, right? And before that you had girlfriends?
Professor Laurence: Indeed! I was quite the ladies man. Sadly, my wife passed away quite some time ago and I never found it in me to remarry. I simply enjoy my specimens now. They are all very special, you know. Not a single one is alike to another. Like girls.
Romeo: Right. So, here's my problem. Tyler had a party last night - I wasn't supposed to tell you that so don't say - and I met this girl. She is really beautiful and I like her.
Professor Laurence: But she doesn't like you? Like Rose?
Romeo: No that isn't it at all. She does like me.
Professor Laurence: Then I'm afraid I don't know what your problem is, Romeo.
Romeo: Well, you know how Tyler doesn't like me? The girl I met is his cousin. She just moved here. If I go out with her then Tyler will pretty much kill me.
Professor Laurence: Are you sure you really like each other? I mean, you were just going after Rose yesterday morning and now...
Romeo: Yes! Of course we like each other. But what should I do? Did you ever have something like this happen to you?
Professor Laurence: Can't say that I have. I was a fairly likeable guy. There was no reason for people to hate me.
Romeo: Well, there's no reason for them to hate me either! It's just that I dance and they play football and apparently those just don't go.
Professor Laurence: It's just...well...you got over Rose pretty quickly and you were trying to get her to go out with you for a year.
Romeo: Stop telling me about Rose. I'm over Rose. I don't know why I even liked her so much! Juliet likes me and I like her.
Professor Laurence: Alright, lad. Whatever you say. If you want my advice, I say go for it. If you really do like each other and if you are hanging out with his cousin, Tyler will see that you aren't so bad.
Romeo: Thank you, sir! See you in class! Mark: Hey look. Romeo's coming out of Old Man Laurence's room. Wonder what he was doing in there?
Ben: He was probably talking to him about getting an extension. He probably couldn't finish his work because he was crying over Rose.
Mark: Yeah, poor guy. Ha ha. Yo, Romeo! Where'd you go last night? Didn't want us to see you crying?
Romeo: Right, whatever you say Mark. You know, you are so "nice", sometimes.
Mark: I try!
Ben: You guys are so weird.
Romeo and Mark: Ha, We try!
Romeo: Woah, woah, woah. Hey, Rose!
Mark (quietly): Ooo, Rose! That kind of an interesting shirt, right. Like, ugly, interesting.
Ben (quietly): It makes her look kinda fat.
Romeo: Shut up, guys!
Rose: Hey, Romeo.
Romeo: *Glares at Ben and Mark.*
Mark: Toodleloo, Rose. Later, dude.
Rose: Your friends are so weird, Romeo.
Romeo: Yeah, well, they are my friends. Hey, could you do me a favor?
Rose: Sure, what?
Romeo: You know the new girl, Juliet, right?
Rose: *Smiles knowingly* I do.
Romeo: Could you tell her to meet me in Professor Laurence's room during recess?
Rose: No problem! Hey, you know, Perry seems awfully fond of Juliet, too, and keeps trying to win her over. I don't think she likes him very much, though.
Romeo: Well, that's good I guess. I mean the not liking him. Well, I'm gonna get to class but don't forget.
Rose: Don't worry, I won't! Bye. Rose: Oh, hey, Juliet!
Juliet: Hi, Rose.
Rose: Romeo just told me to tell you something.
Juliet: What?
Rose: Hey, did you have your homework from last night? It was a little hard and I was wondering if we could compare notes.
Juliet: That's what he said?
Rose: Oh, ha ha, no! I was wondering that.
Juliet: Well what did he say?
Rose: *Frowning* Well...
Juliet: What's wrong? Did he tell you something bad?
Rose: I'm just going to go over my homework again really quick.
Juliet: WHAT? Come on, Rose! Tell me!
Teacher: Is there a problem, ladies?
Rose: No, there isn't, sir.
Juliet: *Whispering* Please, please, tell me!
Rose: Alright, alright! Romeo wants you to meet him in Professor Laurence's room at recess. You have the Professor, right?
Juliet: Yeah, I do. Thanks, Rose!
Rose: Now, homework. *Also has some of the nurse's roles Professor Laurence: Are you sure about this, Romeo?
Romeo: As sure as anything, Professor.
Professor Laurence: Alright. Just don't hurt her, Romeo.
Romeo: I won't!
Juliet: *Knocks on door* Hello?
Professor Laurence: Good afternoon, Juliet. How are you?
Juliet: I'm great, Professor Laurence. Thanks.
Professor Laurence:Well, I'll leave you two to it then. Off to lunch for me.
Romeo: *Gets down on one knee* Will you be my girlfriend, Juliet?
Juliet: *Laughing* Sure, Romeo. Ben: Come on, Mark. We've been waiting for Romeo for too long. If he wanted to walk home with us he should have been out here a long time ago.
Mark: Alright. I don't want Tyler to come out here and start fighting with us for you guys getting him in detention, anyway.
Ben: Yeah, I know that won't go well. Especially since you are here this time.
Mark: What are you saying? That I like to start fights?
Ben: Not necessarily, just that they start a whole lot more quickly when you are around.
Mark: Yeah, right. I think you are mistaking me with you.
Ben: Ha, yeah, whatever. You know I don't like fighting!
Mark: That's just what you say. You know deep inside that you like it. That's why you were part of that fight yesterday.
Ben: Tyler punched me! I was trying to break it apart! ...Speak of the devil.
Tyler: Hey boys. Care to talk?
Mark: Why would you want to talk? Why don't you just fight us like you do every other time.
Tyler: Eh, you know. I would but I just got out of detention and I don't want to get expelled. Especially if I want to get this football scholarship. Anyway, where's your dancing buddy, Romeo.
Mark: I don't dance with him, Tyler, but I don't care if he dances, anyway. There's nothing wrong with it.
Tyler: Yeah, whatever, dude. Hey, look. Here comes the dancing princess now.
Romeo: Try Peter Pan, Tyler. But wait, you wouldn't know that cuz jocks don't know anything.
Tyler: Ha, whatever. At least I play football instead of dancing like some girl.
Mark: Woah, lay off. *Shoves Tyler.*
Romeo: Hey, Mark! We don't need to fight right now, especially with him! Just stop.
Mark: Come on, Romeo. Just let me beat him up a little.
Tyler: I see no problem with this. *Cracks his knuckles.*
Romeo: Guys, seriously. Stop! Remember what the principal said about fighting on school grounds?
Tyler: *Punches Mark and makes him fall over.*
Romeo: Mark! Get out of here Tyler!
Ben: He's out cold, Romeo.
Romeo: That's it, Tyler. You'll pay for this. *Punches him hard, right in the nose.*
Tyler: Oh, no you don't. *They fight.*
Romeo: *Knocks Tyler out.* Ben: Romeo you are going to get in so much trouble.
Romeo: Well he's the one that knocked Mark out first!
Ben: Still, you've got to get out of here!
Principal Callus: Hello, Mr. Montague. You might think that I'm not exactly the most understanding person at the moment but would you care to explain what happened here?! Who started this?
Ben: I'll tell you. First, Mark and Tyler started fighting and Tyler knocked Mark out. Then Romeo got angry because Mark was out cold so Romeo and Tyler started fighting and he knocked Tyler out. That's it.
Girl: Oh, no! Poor Tyler. *Kisses him.*
Principal Callus: Excuse me, who are you?
Girl: I'm one of Tyler's old girlfriends. I told him bad things would happen if he broke up with me! And see where it got him? *Sobs*
Principal Callus: Ok? Ben, who did you say started this?
Ben: Tyler, sir, if I remember right. Romeo didn't want them to fight but Tyler and Mark started fighting anyway. Then Mark got knocked out and Romeo knocked Tyler out for knocking Mark out. Then Romeo left. That's the truth.
Girl: Isn't he one of Romeo's friends? How do you know he's not lying? They should all be punished.
Principal Callus: Please be quiet. I will make this decision.
Bale: I don't think Romeo should be blamed. He was just getting Tyler back for Mark.
Principal Callus: Alright. Thank you everyone for your opinions that I honestly didn't want. Here is what is going to happen. Ben help me bring Mark and Tyler to the nurse's office. They will both be suspended for the rest of this week and the next. And Romeo, because he ran away and didn't feel like he could face everyone, he will be suspended for the rest of the month. That seems like fair enough punishment on my part. Hopefully these boys will be more sensible once their punishments are over. Juliet: *Sitting and waiting at the park.* Where is he? *Phone rings.* Hello?
Rose: Hey, Juliet, where are you?
Juliet: Rose? I'm at the park. Do you know where Romeo is? We were supposed to meet here.
Rose: You mean you didn't hear yet? I was sure that Tyler would've told you. Oh well, he probably wouldn't want to think he was a wimp. Let's get you informed, girl! So some boys got into a fight after school - Mark Cushio, Tyler, Romeo, and I guess some others - and Principal Callus got pretty mad. I guess it's been happening a lot. Anyway, Mark and Tyler got suspended for the rest of this week and the next. Romeo ran away after the fight and got suspended for the rest of the month. I called to see if you were ok.
Juliet: Wow. That's insane. Now Tyler will probably never want me to see again! This is pretty bad, Rose!
Rose: Hey, you want me to come to the park? We can do something to get your mind off it.
Juliet: Um, alright, I guess.
Rose: Alright, I'll be right over. Juliet: Wow, I can't believe Romeo beat up Tyler. I can't believe he's suspended for the rest of the month! Oh goodness, Rose, what am I supposed to do?
Rose: You know, I did come here to help you get your mind off of it. If you keep asking questions that's not gonna happen!
Juliet: Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm just really confused. I mean, what am I supposed to do with Romeo?
Rose: Well he did get suspended for the rest of the month. That's pretty bad, you know, Juliet. I think all guys are a waste of time. That is why I don't want a boyfriend.
Juliet: I still like him, though. Don't say bad things about him, alright?
Rose: You know that he did knock out your cousin, right?
Juliet: Tyler probably deserved it. Besides, he did beat up Romeo's best friend. And Romeo is my boyfriend! I mean, my cousin could have beat up my boyfriend. I just don't know what I'm supposed to think about this!
Rose: Don't you want to go comfort Tyler?
Juliet: No, actually I don't. Romeo and I didn't even get to go out yet but now we won't get to.
Rose: Do you want to go out with him, Juliet?
Juliet: Yeah, I do.
Rose: Well then I'll go get him and bring him here, alright? No worries.
Juliet: Really? You'd do that?
Rose: Of course. Now stay here. I'll be back. Professor Laurence: Romeo, what are you doing here? You got suspended. You'll get in trouble if anyone finds you here.
Romeo: I figured as much, about being suspended, I mean. About the other stuff, I know I'll get in trouble but I know you are the only one that stays this late and I need help. I'm guessing you heard about the fight?
Professor Laurence: You are correct.
Romeo: And you heard that I knocked out Juliet's cousin, Tyler.
Professor Laurence: Ah, yes. The dancer beating up the quarterback. I did hear this.
Romeo: Right, well this is a problem for me, you know, because Juliet is my girlfriend and I just got myself and her cousin suspended.
Professor Laurence: I don't see the problem here.
Romeo: Let me make this really simple. 1. I fought my girlfriend's cousin. 2. I knocked him out. 3. I got us both suspended. 4. I probably won't be able to see Juliet again. 5. Even if I could see Juliet, Tyler would beat me up every time I got within ten feet of her. Do you see my problem now?
Professor Laurence: I know that you were just getting him back for beating up Mark; he deserved to be knocked out, especially by someone who he thought was less than him; you should be glad Principal Callus only made your suspension be for two and a half weeks. I would have made it be more; you will see Juliet again. I guarantee it; and you already beat up Tyler once, why should again be so hard?
Romeo: I see your point. But what if Perry or someone takes Juliet while I'm suspended.
Professor Laurence: Romeo, my boy, if she truly likes you then she won't go with them. She'll wait for you.
Romeo: *Phone rings* I better get this. Thanks Professor. See you, I guess.
Professor Laurence: Good luck, my boy. Rose: Romeo? Where on Earth are you? You completely ditched Juliet. Did you forget about your date?
Romeo: Rose? She still wants to go out with me? I just beat up her...
Rose: I know the story and I'd prefer you didn't tell me again. Yes, I told her and, yes, she still wants to go out with you.
Romeo: Are you sure?
Rose: Yes, I'm positive. She was pretty much crying when you didn't show up for your date so get over there, Romeo!
Romeo: Thanks, Rose!
Rose: Oh, Romeo just...just don't get her in trouble. Try to stay more or less hidden, alright?
Romeo: No worries! Perry: Listen, Tyler. I know you got in a fight and all and I heard it wasn't great but I was wondering if I could go out with Juliet?
Tyler: Are you kidding me right now, Per?
Perry: Actually, no. I really like her, dude. Maybe you should let her go out with me before she finds some other guy you don't like.
Tyler: Alright, Perry. Go for it. But if anything happens to her, you are the one that's gonna pay.
Perry: Thanks, man! Juliet: I had a good time tonight, Romeo.
Romeo: Yeah, me too! I should really go though.
Juliet: We still have a little bit of time before morning, if you want to stay.
Romeo: Juliet, that's the sunrise. We've been out all night. Not that I didn't have fun, I just don't want you to get in trouble.
Juliet: Nah, that's not the sunrise. It's like some Aurora Borealis thing.
Romeo: I would love this night to go on and on too, but it is morning, Juliet.
Juliet: Fine, go.
Romeo: Juliet, don't be like this.
Juliet: Like what?
Romeo: Never mind. But I'm going to leave now. Ok?
Juliet: Ok. Bye.
Romeo: *Kisses her.* I'll see you again soon, don't worry. Juliet: *Phone rings.* How on Earth do all these people know my number? Hello?
Perry: Juliet, hey.
Juliet: Perry? Did you need something?
Perry: Well, I just wanted you to know that I'll get back at Romeo for you and Tyler.
Juliet: Oh, you don't have to do that. Honest. I'm fine. Anything else?
Perry: Just for you to get a drink with me somewhere after school.
Juliet: Ah, sorry, Perry. I don't think that's possible.
Perry: Why not?
Juliet: I have...previous arrangements.
Perry: Alright then tomorrow then.
Juliet: Um, nope, sorry. Busy then, too.
Perry: Then for lunch today.
Juliet: Perry, what would you say if I said I'm busy forever.
Perry: Ha, obviously I wouldn't believe you. You are just scared of my manliness.
Juliet: Ah, no. I'm not. I don't want to go out with you Perry. Now or at lunch or tomorrow or ever.
Perry: Well how about as friends then?
Juliet: Ugh. Good-bye Perry. *Hangs up.* Juliet: *Phone rings.* Oh my goodness. Will I ever have peace? Yeah?
Tyler: Hey, Jules.
Juliet: Hello, Tyler. What do you want?
Tyler: Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Anyway, Tyler says that you refused to go out with him. Why's that?
Juliet: Maybe I don't like him, Tyler. Why do you care anyway?
Tyler: I told him he could go out with you.
Juliet: So just because I'm new here you can make all of my decisions for me? How does that work, Tyler?
Tyler: I never said that. Why won't you go out with him anyway? He's a good guy and the only reason you wouldn't go out with him is that there's someone else. Who is it, Juliet?
Juliet: You have no clue, Tyler.
Tyler: You're right. I don't. So, would you like to tell me? What's wrong with Perry?
Juliet: I never said anything was wrong with him, just that I don't want to go out with him. Do you have a problem with that?
Tyler: Actually, kind of, yeah.
Juliet: Ugh. What is wrong with you?
Tyler: No, what's wrong with you? You're the only one that has a problem in this situation.
Juliet: You know what, Tyler. You can leave me alone. Don't talk to me.
Tyler: You shouldn't have come h-
Juliet: *Throws phone against the wall.* Ahhh! Juliet: Hey, wait up, Rose.
Rose: Hey, Juliet. How'd things go last night?
Juliet: It was fine. Listen, I have to ask you something.
Rose: Yeah?
Juliet: So apparently Tyler told Perry he could go out with me. I don't get it though, he didn't ask me or anything. And then when I tried to talk to him about it he just said Perry's a great guy and kept asking me if I had something going on with someone else.
Rose: Well Perry is a pretty good looking guy, you know. But you are going out with Romeo, who if you didn't know is suspended for the rest of the month. I don't know Juliet, I know what I said before about following your heart and all that but it seems like maybe you should go out with Perry. Don't hate me for saying that though.
Juliet: Do you mean that?
Rose: Ah, yeah, I do.
Juliet (to herself): Everyone's telling me different things... I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
Rose: Did you say something?
Juliet: Oh, no. Um, I gotta go. See you around, Rose. Juliet: Hey, Professor Laurence, do you think I could talk to you?
Perry: Hi, Juliet! I didn't know you had the Professor.
Juliet: Yeah, I do, Perry.
Perry: You are really missing out, Juliet. Any girl would love to go out with me.
Juliet: I'm sure. Then go ask them. I'm not interested.
Perry: You'll change your mind. Bye, sweetheart.
Juliet (under her breath): The name's Juliet.
Perry: *Grinning* Did you say something?
Juliet: No, nothing. Have a good day, Perry.
Professor Laurence: You seemed to handle that well.
Juliet: Ha, right. You're funny, Professor.
Professor Laurence: I try. Now, did you have something to tell me, Juliet. It seems Perry has quite a thing for you.
Juliet: Yeah, that's kinda what I wanted to talk about.
Professor Laurence: I'm listening.
Juliet: Well, since Romeo's been suspended a lot of people have been telling me to go out with Perry. Tyler told him he could go out with me and when I refused Perry he kept asking why, Rose said that I should, too. I just don't know. That's why I'm asking you. What should I do?
Professor Laurence: Do you like Romeo, Juliet?
Juliet: Yeah.
Professor Laurence: Do you like Perry?
Juliet: Not really.
Professor Laurence: Then why would you do something that people tell you to even though it won't make you happy?
Juliet: *sighs* That's a good question.
Professor Laurence: Yes. It is. I'll tell you what, Juliet. If you aren't happy here without Romeo or otherwise, change schools. Some people might miss you, like myself, but it's your third day and I think you'll adjust well to another school.
Juliet: That's a good idea, actually. I would do anything to get away from my bossy cousin and Perry. Thank you, Professor. I will miss you. Juliet: You know what, Tyler? You're right. Perry's a good guy, and he will be a good guy to someone else, I'm sure.
Tyler: What are you talking about?
Juliet: Well, I thought about it and you were right.
Tyler: I'm glad you came to your senses.
Juliet: Yep, I have. Thanks, Tyler. Tyler: So how do you like being with Juliet?
Perry: Uh, I don't know what you are talking about, man. She keeps turning me down and things. It's like she hates me.
Tyler: But she told me that I was right and that she was going to take you up on your offer.
Perry: Are you sure? When was this?
Tyler: A little while ago.
Perry: Huh. Well, I'll get back to you on that, Tyler. Rose: Hey, Juliet. I'm glad you took my advice.
Juliet: Oh, yeah, sure.
Rose: Is something wrong?
Juliet: No. Nothing is wrong.
Rose: Alright, Juliet. Whatever you say.
Juliet: Well, Rose. It was nice to meet you and hopefully we'll see each other some time.
Rose: Yeah, try Monday in school.
Juliet: Right. Bye, Rose. Juliet: Alright, now that I'm finally out of school, no one else to talk to, let's go find some place else. I wish I still had my phone!
Professor Laurence (through the window): Juliet! I think I might have a solution to your problem.
Juliet: Which problem, Professor? I have about three at the moment.
Professor Laurence: Well, let's see if I can solve all of them. Now come on.
Juliet: Through the window?
Professor Laurence: Yes, hurry.
Juliet: *Climbing through the window* This is completely unnecessary. *Falls in the rest of the way* Oof.
Professor Laurence: My, aren't you graceful.
Juliet: Ha. ha. Now I thought you were going to help me?
Professor Laurence: Yes. The problem I was going to fix was to suggest a school to go to. I think Middleton High is a wonderful school. It is only about twenty minutes away but it is a big school so if someone were to look for you there I don't believe they could find you very easily. The teachers are good too, although not as good as me, of course.
Juliet: *Laughing* Of course. Ok, so Middleton.
Professor Laurence: Yes. It wouldn't be a long drive if you wanted to drive every morning. Now what were your other problems?
Juliet: Well, I don't have a phone to call them.
Professor Laurence: Never fear, Juliet. I will call them right now and arrange everything for Monday morning. Go there first thing and everything will be ready for you.
Juliet: Wow, Professor. Thanks! That really means a lot to me.
Professor Laurence: Before I do this, Juliet, are you absolutely positive?
Juliet: Yes, Professor, I am.
Professor Laurence: Well then, it will be done. Good-bye, Juliet. Hopefully we'll meet again some day. *Also has some of Capulet's roles Alexa St. Clair* Shaylin Becker* *Not in Romeo and Juliet *Not in Romeo and Juliet Alexa is the head cheerleader at Middleton. When she is informed that they are going to have a new cheerleader she is really excited, but kind of nervous. The new girl comes one week before their first game and a new girl might mess up the routine. However, when she meets Juliet they immediately become friends. Alexa is really talkative, but she is friendly. Shaylin is Alexa's best friend and is also on the Middleton cheerleading team. When Alexa asks Juliet to join their group, Shaylin is a little bit jealous but even she can't help liking Juliet. Perry: Hey, Tyler. So I decided, since Juliet is obviously too shy to ask me out herself, I'm going to have a huge party and then in the middle of it, when Juliet is all happy, I'm going to plan this huge thing and ask her. She won't be able to turn me down then.
Tyler: Yeah, well how are you going to get her there? I think her phone is kind of broken... You'd have to actually find her or something and don't tell me to. I think she hates me right now.
Perry: Where am I supposed to find her?
Tyler: I don't know. Ask one of her friends or something. I think Rose is one. Ask her. Now I gotta go. Bye. Perry: Hello? Is this Rose?
Rose: Yeah. Who is this?
Perry: Perry. Listen, I know you are friends with Juliet and I was going to throw a party and plan something fancy to get her to go out with me and that way she won't be able to turn me down.
Rose: Wait, you aren't already going out with her?
Perry: Why does everyone keep thinking that? No, not yet! But I will be very soon. Anyway, so I was wondering if you could ask her to come to the party because I heard her phone is broken and I don't know where she lives or anything.
Rose: Actually, I don't know where she lives either. I'll find her though, no worries.
Perry: Alright, thanks, Rose. Professor Laurence: *Phone rings* Hello?
Rose: Professor? This is Rose Allen.
Professor Laurence: Ah, yes. What can I do for you today?
Rose: Well, I have been looking for Juliet everywhere but I can't find her. I saw her talking to you yesterday and thought you might know where she went.
Professor Laurence: I'm sorry, Rose. I don't know where she is at the moment. All I can tell you is that she is leaving. Now I do have things to do. Have a good day.
Rose: Wai-
Professor Laurence: *Hangs up*
Rose: She's leaving? Perry: *Phone rings* Yo, this is Perry.
Rose: Um, I sorta have bad news, Perry. So apparently Juliet is moving again. I guess her family didn't like it here or something.
Perry: What? Who told you that?
Rose: Professor Laurence. He was talking to her yesterday and he said she was leaving.
Perry: Dude, this blows.
Rose: Yeah, I know, Perry. I'm sorry.
Perry: No, it's not your fault. I guess I'll call off the party then.
Rose: You don't have to. I'm sure people will still come.
Perry: Yeah, but I'm not really in the mood.
Rose: Alright. Well, see you around. Tyler: *Phone rings* Yeah?
Perry: Dude, did you know that Juliet was moving?
Tyler: What? No. Why would their family move without telling mine?
Perry: Well she is. It's true.
Tyler: Well, I guess she wouldn't tell me since we haven't exactly been understanding of each other lately. So you aren't having the party then?
Perry: No. I'm not.
Tyler: Hey, no worries, dude. There are more girls.
Perry: Yeah. Thanks, man. Bale: Yo, Romeo.
Romeo: Hey, dude. What's up?
Bale: Did you hear about Juliet?
Romeo: *Stops* What about Juliet?
Bale: Um, well. She moved.
Romeo: What? Why? Who said that? How do you know?
Bale: Woah, enough with the questions! I'll just answer everything. Who? Juliet. What? Moved. Where? How should I know? When? Sometime really recently I'm guessing. Why? I think her parents didn't like it here. How do I know? Perry was going to have a party for her cuz he likes her, you know, but apparently she moved so he canceled the party. How did you not hear this, dude? The whole school knows it!
Romeo: See, I knew it! I'll never be able to see her again! Everything hates me.
Bale: How do you know? You and her could meet in Paris one day and fall madly in love and get married.
Romeo: That's highly unlikely and besides I'm already pretty much in love with her.
Bale: Dude, you knew her for like two days.
Romeo: That doesn't matter. *Takes a deep breath* Ok, thanks for telling me, Bale. I gotta go.
Bale: Later, dude. Jonathan Carter* Jonathan Carter may just be the nicest person at Middleton High. He is also the football team's quarterback. It doesn't seem like a quarterback would be nice, but Jon proves that wrong. Although Jon likes everyone, he has never gone out with anyone. *Not in Romeo and Juliet Romeo: Rose, what is this about Juliet moving?
Rose: I just told Perry. Now, the whole school knows, apparently. Professor Laurence told me. She was talking to him before she left.
Romeo: I have to find her before she leaves.
Rose: I think she already has, Romeo.
Romeo: She can't have moved that fast. Did the Professor say where she was moving to?
Rose: I'm not sure if he knows. I don't know. Do you want to get a drink or something with me, just to get your mind off of it?
Romeo: Is this a date, Rose?
Rose: No! I just don't like seeing people sad. Then tomorrow, in school you can see what really happened, alright?
Romeo: I think that you're forgetting something, Rose.
Rose: Oh, right. Well, um I guess you can call the Professor or something.
Romeo: Right, ok. Thanks, Rose. Coach: Good morning, girls. This is the newest member of our team, Juliet. Today is her first day in Middleton. Please make her feel welcome. Alexa, could you please help Juliet get a uniform? Shaylin, please start warm-ups.
Alexa and Shaylin: Yes, ma'am.
Alexa to Juliet: Hi, Juliet! It's nice to meet you. I'm the head cheerleader, Alexa. Shaylin is my best friend, but don't tell anyone. I'm supposed to like everyone equally.
Juliet: Ha ha! Don't worry Alexa. I won't!
Alexa: Good! Now, we might actually have a uniform that will fit you! We usually have to special order them but we had an extra because someone joined and then had to quit after we got the uniforms. Anyway, how long have you been cheering?
Juliet: Since I was nine. So, it's been a while.
Alexa: That's so cool! I been cheering since I was eight. I love it! I hope you are a fast learner.
Juliet: Why?
Alexa: We have a game on Friday. The first one of the season. We've been practicing really hard but it's your first day so you are going to have to learn a lot this week. Your experience will help! Anyway, would you like to eat lunch with Shaylin, me and some of the other girls?
Juliet: That sounds awesome! Thanks, Alexa. Professor Laurence: *Phone rings* Why, Romeo, what a nice surprise. I thought I wouldn't talk to you for a while more.
Romeo: Where is Juliet, Professor?
Professor Laurence: What? Why? She didn't tell you?
Romeo: No. Would you care to?
Professor Laurence: Well, if Juliet didn't tell anyone, then I will honor her silence.
Romeo: Professor, please!?
Professor Laurence: I'm sorry, lad. I can only say that she relocated.
Romeo (under his breath): Fine, if you won't tell me I'll find her myself.
Professor Laurence: What was that, my boy?
Romeo: Nothing. I'd better do my work or something, Professor. *Hangs up.* Alexa: Everyone, Juliet. Juliet, everyone!
Juliet: Hello, everyone!
Shaylin to Alexa: Why did you have to let her sit with us?
Alexa to Shaylin: She is on our team, Shay. Besides, I like her. And you know I have good taste in people. Like Jonathan, here. *Winks.*
Alexa: Hi, Jon. Meet Juliet. She's new. Juliet, this is Jonathan, the quarterback.
Jonathan: Nice to meet you, Juliet.
Juliet: Likewise! My cousin is a quarterback, too. For...a high school team.
Jonathan: Oh, really. Cool! Near here?
Juliet: Um, you know, I'm not really good with directions and things.
Jonathan: Ha ha, that's alright. Neither is anyone. Except maybe Shaylin, here. She's like a portable GPS.
Shaylin: You're funny, Jon.
Jonathan: I like to think so. I better get to my boys but I'll see you ladies on the field.
Juliet: Definitely. Nice to meet you, again, Jonathan.
Alexa: You like him...!
Juliet: I don't know about that. *Blushes.*
Shaylin: It doesn't matter even if she did. Jon doesn't have girlfriends.
Alexa: He told me that he just hasn't found the right girl yet. Maybe Juliet's the right girl!
Juliet: I don't know about that, Alexa.
Alexa: I don't know, Juliet. He looked pretty captivated by you.
Shaylin: He was just being nice. He is like, the nicest person ever.
Alexa: You are just jealous. (To Juliet): Shaylin has been trying to get Jon to go out with her for ages.
Juliet: Well, I won't stand in your way then.
Shaylin: *Sighs* No, it's alright. He hasn't gone out with me for three years, I don't think any other amount of time will matter.
Juliet: Wow, that is ages. He's pretty serious about finding this "right girl" isn't he?
Shaylin: Yeah, I guess.
Juliet: You know, that's really cool!
Alexa: Yeah, it is! So about practice today... Romeo: Perry, where is Juliet?
Perry: What are you doing here? And how am I supposed to know? She moved, you know? And why do you care?
Romeo: I have to talk to her.
Perry: Why would she want to talk to you? But, you know, if you do find her, would you tell her to call me or something?
Romeo: She'd want to talk to me cuz I was her boyfriend. Why should I tell her to call you?
Perry: Ha! Why would she go out with a dancing freak like you?
Romeo: Don't make me mad, Perry.
Perry: What are you gonna do about it? You're already suspended. Which brings me back to my first question: What are you doing here? I'm pretty sure you got fired or something from your princess role and if the Principal sees you on school grounds you'll be in trouble.
Romeo: Shut up. I looked for Juliet everywhere else, Perry and I don't know where else to look.
Perry: Dude, she moved. She could be anywhere in the state of Wisconsin or even anywhere in the United States. Maybe she even moved to France or something! Why are you looking here?
Romeo: *Punches Perry in the face.*
Perry: What was that for? Hey! Don't just punch me in the face and walk away! Whatever, freak! Alexa: Come on, girls! Last practice before the big game!
Juliet: You know, I don't think I ever caught who we were playing against.
Shaylin: Yeah, that cuz you are too busy staring at the back of Jon's head in homeroom during announcements and talking to him during lunch! *Winks.*
Juliet: I'm sorry! He's interesting!
Alexa: Sure he is! We're playing Verona. It's going to be an awesome game!
Juliet: We're playing...Verona...?
Alexa: Yeah, you know, the Wildcats?
Juliet: Oh, those were the wildcats you were talking about before...
Shaylin: What did you think we were talking about?
Juliet: Oh, um, nothing. Let's practice, girls. We have to do this perfectly.
Alexa: A+ for participation, I guess! Come on, girls! You heard her! Jonathan: Hey, Juliet! How was your ride down?
Juliet: Same as yours I guess! Just in a different bus!
Jonathan: Ha ha! That true I guess!
Juliet: Hey, good luck out there.
Jonathan: Thanks, even though you already said that at least ten times.
Juliet: Just making sure we win this thing!
Jonathan: You are probably more anxious than me. Don't worry, Juliet! I have absolutely no intention of letting you down.
Juliet: Thanks, Jon.
Jonathan: How about a kiss for good luck, though?
Juliet: *Shocked* Are you sure?
Jonathan: I've never been more sure.
Juliet: *Smiles* Then I can't exactly tell you no, can I?
Jonathan: Well, you can, but I'd be pretty disappointed.
Juliet: Then, yes, Jonathan. *Kisses him.*
Perry: Juliet?
Juliet: Oh, um, hi, Perry.
Jonathan to Juliet: You know him?
Juliet to Jonathan: Yeah. This is where I went before Middleton.
Jonathan to Juliet: Well, that would've been nice to know before.
Juliet to Jonathan: I'm sorry. I just wanted to forget it all. Especially him.
Jonathan to Juliet: Did he do something to you?
Juliet to Jonathan: He just would not leave me alone when I went here.
Jonathan to Juliet: Well, I'll make sure he doesn't touch you.
Juliet: *Smiles* Thanks!
Perry: I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
Jonathan: *Puts his hand on Juliet's arm* Actually, yeah.
Perry: I see you got awfully comfortable with the Middleton boys, Juliet.
Juliet: Actually, yeah, Perry.
Perry: So that's where you "moved" to.
Juliet: It is.
Perry: Well, you seem to be fine here...so I'll be on my way.
Juliet: Sounds good.
Jonathan to Juliet: Wow. That was harsh.
Juliet: He deserved it. Now, where were we.
Alexa: Juliet? I thought you were going to help me with the stuff.
Juliet: Oh, right. Sorry, Jonathan, I better go. If I don't see you before the game, good luck again. *Hugs him.*
Jonathan: Thanks, Juliet. Good luck, too, with your routine.
Alexa: What was all that about, Juliet? *Grins* You have got to give me details! But first, a little help, please! I'm going to drop this!
Juliet: Where did Shay go?
Alexa: She already took some stuff inside. Now come on! Perry: *In the locker rooms* I don't think I caught your name.
Jonathan: Name's Jonathan. Listen, I don't want any trouble, alright. Just a nice, friendly game.
Perry: I don't know about that, dude.
Jonathan: If you touch me before the game, you lose. I'm sure you don't want that.
Perry: Whatever, dude. Watch yourself out there. Tyler: You guys are so lucky Principal let me play today.
Perry: Yeah... So, apparently Juliet never really moved. She just moved schools. Now she goes to that rich-kid school, Middleton.
Tyler: For real?
Perry: Yeah. And she's going out with the quarterback, Jon something.
Tyler: No way, dude. Middleton is going down.
Perry: Just what I was thinking. Tyler and Perry (under their breath): Let's do this thing. A: Dude, you have got to get down here!
Romeo: You know I'm not up for a football game right now, A.
Mark: I agree with A, dude. Get down here now and you won't be depressed anymore. Promise.
Romeo: This better be good.
Bale: Trust them, dude. It will be.
A: *Hangs up*
Ben: You think we should've given him some kind of warning?
Mark: Why are you thinking about this, Ben. We'll see what happens once he comes but A already hung up.
A: Look, there she is. Who would've figured she moved to Middleton? They're pretty good aren't they.
Mark: They are hot. Especially that one in the middle. Alexa: He did what? Oh my, Jules! I can't believe he actually kissed you! He must really be serious about it!
Shaylin: You are so lucky, Juliet.
Juliet: Thanks, guys! I really like him. It's just, well now you know that I used to go here, and there's this guy here that like me that I'm not sure if I officially broke up with.
Alexa: Oh wow, Jules.
Juliet: If he's here tonight I'm going to. I just hope I don't hurt him too much. Now let's go! I have so much energy that I could do the whole routine by myself! Even the pyramid!
Alexa: Ha ha ha! Right! Come on let's go! Juliet: This is so much fun! And we are winning!
Alexa: I know! I'm so pumped about this! Hey, nice job on your flips, by the way!
Juliet: Thanks! Nice job on your spilts. Now, let's do this thing. Romeo: Guys, I'm here. What was so important?
A: Look really close at the cheerleaders.
Romeo: Guys, really? You got me down here to try to get me over Juliet?
Mark: Do it.
Romeo: Fine. Don't freak out.
Bale: No, you don't freak out.
Romeo: Why would I- *stands with his mouth open* Guys, that's Juliet.
Ben: Turns out she just moved schools. She goes to Middleton now.
Romeo: No way. Guys, that's Juliet.
Bale: I think we went over this.
Romeo: GUYS, that's JULIET!
Mark: Told you he would freak out.
A: Sit, Romeo. The game's almost over. We're winning now but these Middleton guys are good.
Mark: Yeah, I noticed too.
A: Ha. Sure you did. You noticed the cheerleaders.
Bale: Woah. Settle down, boy. Maybe she just didn't like you as much as you thought.
Romeo: *Sobs.*
Mark: For real?
Ben: Told you we should've warned him.
Mark: So that he was crying while driving and crash and die?
A: You think he's taking this a bit far?
Mark: Probably... Juliet: Wooo! Lex, Shay! We won! This is awesome! Where is Jon?
Alexa: Probably somewhere in that pile of sweaty football players...Ha ha! But yeah, that was totally awesome!
Shaylin: I can't believe we actually got a touchdown in the last minute. That was pretty epic.
Juliet: Ha ha ha! I've never heard you say that before. But yeah, totally epic!
Romeo: *Shouting over the noise* Juliet!
Juliet: Look, there's Jon! *Runs to him* That was amazing! Come here!
Jonathan: Are you sure? I'm all sweaty? *Grins*
Juliet: Yes! And get your helmet off!
Romeo: Jul-
Juliet: *Jumps into Jonathan's arms and kisses him*
Romeo: *Squeaks* iet?
Mark: Ouch, man. I'm sorry. That must be hard. Woah, hey sweetheart, what's your name?
Alexa: Why do you care? (To Romeo): Did you need something?
Mark: Ohh, fiesty.
Alexa: Get out of here, please.
Romeo: Actually, *swallows* um, yeah. I do need something. Do you think I could talk to Juliet, real quick.
Alexa: Uh, she looks kinda busy but I guess I could get her. Wait here.
Romeo: Thanks.
Alexa: *Taps Juliet* As much as I really don't want to break this up, Juliet, there's someone over there that wants to talk to you.
Juliet: *Sees Romeo* I better go, but don't go too far, ok? Just go celebrate! You deserve it!
Juliet to Alexa: He's the one I was telling you about.
Alexa: *Gasps* Oh. Um, I'll leave you to it then. Juliet: Hi, Romeo.
Romeo: Hello, Juliet.
Juliet: Listen, I'm really sorry. I should've told you. I also should've broken up with you sooner.
Romeo: Wait, you are breaking up with me?
Juliet: Officially. Yeah.
Romeo: But, Juliet-
Juliet: I'm sorry. I kind of have another boyfriend. And I've known this one longer than a day. I hope you don't feel too bad.
Romeo: *Swallows hard* Ah, no. I'm alright.
Juliet: Are you sure?
Romeo: Yeah, I better go. Ah, good luck, Juliet.
Juliet: Good-bye Romeo. Jonathan: Hey, man. Good game! You guys play really well.
Perry: Yeah. Hey, Tyler. Come here. This is the guy, Jon, I was telling you about.
Tyler: *Grins evilly* A fellow quarterback. How *yanks Jonathan's hand* nice to meet you.
Jonathan: Woah. I don't want trouble. You guys played good today.
Tyler: Flattery not gonna get you anywhere, Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes.
Jonathan: I don't want to fight you, man.
Tyler: Well, that might be too bad for you.
Juliet: Woah, hey, Tyler! What's going on?
Tyler: This is none of your business, Juliet.
Juliet: Of course it's my business! You are my cousin and Jonathan's my boyfriend!

Alexa: Hey, Ref, I think something bad is going on on the field.
Referee: I'll look into it. Thanks.

Tyler: *Gets closer to Jonathan*
Jonathan: Why do you want to fight me, anyway? I didn't do anything to you.
Tyler: That's what you think.
Jonathan: Well would you like to tell me what I did?
Tyler: That's alright, boy. I'll show you what you deserve instead.
Juliet: *Grabs Tyler's wrist* No, Tyler! Don't punch him.
Referee: What is going on here?
Juliet: Thank God. Ref, you've got to get Tyler and Perry away from Jonathan.
Jonathan: I don't need you standing up for me, Juliet.
Juliet: So? Tyler needs to get punished for this, even if he is my cousin.
Referee: Would you mind telling me what happened.
Jonathan: I'll handle this, Juliet. I came over to congratulate Perry for a good game and he got his friend Tyler to come over and obviously they have something against me although I don't know what it is and they won't tell me and Tyler was going to start punching me until Juliet got here and told him to stop. Then you came.
Referee: So you did nothing except come over here to congratulate them.
Jonathan: Yes, sir.
Referee: Tyler and Perry, I would like you both to come with me. We can discuss what you were doing and your punishments with the coach. Juliet, thank you for trying to stop this.
Juliet: It was the least I could do, Ref. *Runs to Jonathan* I'm so glad you're alright.
Jonathan: You know, aren't I supposed to be the one protecting you, not the other way around?
Juliet: Oh, you know, sometimes I like to put on my shining armor and come to the rescue, too. Now come on. Don't we have a party to be at? I heard there's going to be fireworks. Rose: Hey, Romeo. I didn't think you would be here tonight...hiding behind the bleachers?
Romeo: *Sniff* Well, yeah. Here I am.
Rose: Well, good. I've been meaning to ask you something.
Romeo: Yeah?
Rose: Ah, would you want to go to the fireworks tonight? You know, to get your mind off things?
Romeo: Is it a date this time, Rose?
Rose: Maybe.
Romeo: Then of course.
Rose: Good. Come on then. We have a party to get to. Mark: Are you sure you don't want to go to the fireworks with me?
Alexa: For the last time, get lost.
Mark: But please...!
A: Come on, man! We are missing the party!
Bale: Seriously.
Ben: Come on, Mark. Forget about girls. Let's do this thing. Just us guys. The End
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