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Sofia Hutchison and Amelia Walther

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lib hist

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of Sofia Hutchison and Amelia Walther

Medal of Honor
The Medal of Honor is the highest military award. President Abraham Lincoln signed the medal into law in the year of 1862 and since then it has been formally presented at the white house by the president. Only less than 3,500 men and 1 woman have received the Medal of Honor. March 25 is the official Medal of Honor day.
Samuel Davis
He received the Medal of Honor after fighting in the Vietnam War. During the war, he was shot everywhere (and I mean, EVERYWHERE) from the waist down, but that didn't stop him from rescuing 2 G.I.s who were stranded across the river with nothing more than an air mattress.
Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy is the only U.S. president to receive the Medal of Honor. He got the medal of honor after he died. (Which is kind of fortunate, considering the fact that it would just be awkward if he put it on himself at the ceremony). He was a secretary before he became president, then he famously quit his job to join the rough riders.
These brave M.O.H. recipients showed honor by proving themselves worthy by putting their lives on the line for their families, their friends,fellow soldiers who also fought bravely, and, most importantly, their country.
Herschel Williams
He recieved the Medal of Honor for the service he provided in the Battle of Iwo Jima during World War II. He is the last surviving recipient of the Medal of Honor from that battle.
Tibor "ted" Rubin
He was a Hungarian born holocaust survivor. He immigrated here from Hungaria in 1948 and served in the Korean War and ended up being a prisoner of war. His sergeant gave him dangerous assignments in an attempts to get him killed. President George W. Bush was the one to present him with the award.
Sofia Hutchison and Amelia Walther
These honorable soldiers showed valor by having courage while risking their lives for others and showing great bravery while doing so.
These soldiers looked death right in the face and faced it like a man, and although they were afraid, they still did it to save many other lives from danger.
They risked their lives for their country and the citizens that live within it.
Hershell Woodrow Williams
Tibor "Ted" Rubin
Sammy Davis
Teddy Roosevelt
Medal of Honor
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