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EA Mission

No description

Ondrej Galik

on 22 February 2012

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Transcript of EA Mission

Mission: Provide relevant information for management to make decisions on effective enterprise change. Goals Means We are responsible for delivering... ...holistic, unbiased, useful, meaningful, reliable, timely... What we strive to deliver every day, day by day... ...facts, assesments, evaluations, scenarios, outlooks, estimations, perceived risks and consequences, best practices, own lessons learned, similar cases from the industry and other industries... to decision makers as our primary customers... ...to enable them to make the "right" (informed) decision about... Tools Communication
"Vehicles" In order to keep up with our mission, we need several... tA Best Friends
rounds Potential other
(e.g. newsletter, blog,
polls...) EA Management tool Wiki External
Sources Gartner, Forester,
IDC... Conferences [Social] Networks & Peers Consultants Collaboration tools (e.g.MOSS) Gartner's hypecycle,
magic quadrant... IT Council Processes Linked to Change management Portfolio planning Quality assurance Strategy creation other... Communication platforms Policies Architecture Advisory
Board (AAB) Owned Architecture Review
Board (ARB) Definitive Software Library (DSL) Definitive Hardware Store (DHS) Directives, rules, principles for others ("suppliers") to supply certain information or a service in a required quality Enterprise Architect Objectives [OGA] Mission: Information about what ??? Is it covered in "relevant"? So that we provide all possible information whatever the topic is? Ends Means Capabilities [OGA] Providing structure, improving information quality, where does it fit? Frameworks COBIT TOGAF, PEAF, Gartner EAF... Balanced Scorecard Enterprise Canvas Business Motivation Model Suppliers Partners Relationships Responsibilities Productivity Management POP Compliance Free float sandbox for all our notes: Feel free to drop here any thought... Role: Corporate Vision Establish online gaming as mainstream entertainment Corporate Values Be first entrant into regulated markets
Move ahead of competition in Europe
Achieve profitability in markets
Stable &
Present in all
our actions Corporate Goals Sustainability
Product Quality
Customer Care
Socially acceptable
Safe & Secure
Global Corporate Strategy Prevent Brand Aging
Engage in M&A
Market Entry Optimization
Further develop game plans for USA & Asia
Focus on regulated & regulating markets in Europe Means Ends Ends to achieve to reach while complying to support execution of Repositories Verticals COO Customers Directors Identify potential enterprise optimizations by proposing
outsourcing Support M&A by providing:
integrated view
assistance to audits
risk collection and control proposals Assure transparency of "technical debt" create awarenesss
assure information gathering
propose controls Maintain up-to-date TCO for products & business services Identify & assess risks and propose controls for
corporate strategy execution
regulatory compliance
enterprise values compliance Validate content of and support internal & external audit ...simply just the information that makes the difference
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