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Ghazi Al-Gosaibi

No description

Anas Mashabi

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Ghazi Al-Gosaibi

Ghazi Al-Gosaibi
The Godfather of Innovation

4- Minister of industry and electricity.
a Make the supplying of electricity sustainable.
b. At the same time, he came with a long term plan to supply the electricity for rural areas.
c. Decentralizing the management of the company for each part of Saudi Arabia.
d. He established a state-controlled petrochemical firm,
e. Established Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) which is considered now the second biggest company in Saudi Arabia.
f. Started building the two industrial cities (Jubail and Yanbou).

Life and Education
He was born in 1960
1- Primary and High education in Bahrain.
2- Bachelor degree in law from the University Of Cairo, Egypt.
3- Master degree in international relationship from University of Southern California, US.
4- PhD in low from University College London, UK.

and died 2010 in Saudi Arabia
1- King Saud University:
a. Lecturer.
b. Associate Professor.
c. Dean of Faculty of Commerce.
d. Head of the department of Political Science.
2- Reconciliation committee: negotiation with
Egyptian force in Yemen.
3- Director of Saudi Railway Organization.
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