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Tuck everlasting

No description

Bella Swan

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Tuck everlasting

Name: Ashly and Sinem
Class: EF5A

Hello I'm Jesse Tuck and this is my mother Mae Tuck and were going to talk about what we would prefer (to have eternal life or not).
I don't want to be CURSED, I like being human like I was before I drank from the spring. And if someone else drinks from the spring it will be more obvious that the man in the yellow suit will find out are secret. If I had the chance for me and my family to be human again, I would pick that we would become human. You know how I have a music box. Well I love it, it has music that I play all day and night.
I like being blessed with a CURSE because I can survive anything, and if someone tries to shoot me, I will still be able to get up from the ground. And if the man in the Yellow suit tries to hurt me, I am invincible to EVERYTHING!!! I have a Eiffel tower that's made of rocks and dirt, I love to be around it all day and night because it is so fascinating and magnificent.
Personality Traits!!!
Jesse: Why do you love your music box so much?
Mae: It calms me down, when I'm nervous.
Jesse: Why would you be nervous for?
Mae: Well I would be nervous because I'm eternal and I had
to go to the gallows.
Mae: Why is it so fascinating and magnificent?
Jesse: Because it is made of rocks and dirt. And it really helps me calm down from being nerve racking.
Mae: Why would you be in a nerve racking situation?
Jesse: Because when you had to go to the gallows. And that the man in the Yellow suit is going after use Tucks.
Any questions?
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