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No description

junior basco

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of airsoft

AirSoft What Is it? Airsoft is a sport kind of like paint ball it can be played compedtive or public and it is miltary sport with replica weapons base m4 carbine(what I personally use) there are many diffrent types of attachemnts you can use such as lam units base lasers and base flash lights and red dots fore grips acog scopes reflex sights and silencer what to wear most people wear acu's(army combat uniform) bdu's(battle dress uniform) and tactical vest for people who use a side arm they can use a drop down holster a cross draw which is what i use also you can use a belt holster. competive
in airsoft there is competive games the most know is operation new horizon based of a mission in afirca "balck hawk down"
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