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Miles: The Movie

No description

Jonathan Beam

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Miles: The Movie

Based on "Miles: The Autobiography" Miles: The Movie Starring....... The Story Don Cheadle - Miles Davis Beyonce Knowles as Betty Davis Terrence Howard as Charlie Parker Denzel Washington as Dizzy Gillespie I am a huge Miles Fan
Target Audience: 18-60 yr old
Mostly males, but females too
fans, music lovers, etc.
Similar to Ray, Walk The Line, etc.
R Rated - Biopic Drama James Mangold Director OF.... -Morally ambigous characters
-experience with this genre, as well as others
varying budgets, production types
star experience - directs award-winning performances
Tree/Line Films - own production company

Production Design:

Real Jazz artists
Album artwork
Covers span of Miles' life from 1944-1975
Begins with Miles seeing his idols play at a local bar...skips to Miles hopping a train to NYC
"studies" at Julliard while staying out late to surround himself in the local jazz scene
Becomes enfatuated with music, playing out constantly with newfound peers, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie "Bird" Parker
drops out of Julliard, starts to abuse drugs.
Bird moves in....Irene moves out
Miles' habit spins out of control, starts to pimp to support his habits, pawns his trumpet, etc. Miles quits heroin cold turkey after his father comes to rescue him
Goes to the studio w/ little preparation...Kind of Blue
Fast forward....failed relationships with Frances Taylor, Betty Davis
Bitches Brew
1975, plays last concert before retirement

Budget: $50-$75 million Denzel as minor role
Cheadle as breakout
story property
Toronto considerations Financing Miles' music owned by Columbia Davis Estate Brooks Brothers
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