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Story of

No description

quincy teal

on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of Story of

By 1893 i was the head engineer of Edison's illuminating company i had plenty of money and time to work on my personal experiments on gasoline engines which later developed to my first motor vehicle the Ford Quadricycle.
The same year i attended a meeting of Edison´s executives where i met Thomas Edison. I showed him my automobile experiment which he approved of. I was encouraged to build my second vehicle which i forgot the name of.
Early life
When I was 11 maybe 12 I got a pocket watch from my father like most children my age i took it apart unlike most kids my age i put it back together.
Story of my life
I left home to become a apprentice machinist in Detroit i moved from apprenticeship to apprenticeship in 1891 i went to work at Edison illuminating company.
In 1899 my brother Murphy ford resigned from the illuminating company and founded the Detroit automobile company. It didn´t go so well we disbanded the company in 1901.
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