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The Benefits of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

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Jenna Good

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of The Benefits of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

The Effects of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument on Intelligence
Jenna Good
5th hour
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Is learning to play a
n inst
rument not worth the t
and effort?
My child is participating in enough activities!
Persuading my child to practice will be a struggle!
Studies show that...
Students who play a musical instrument perform better in school
Learning to play a musical instrument improves alertness, planning, and emotional perception
Studies show that the parts of the brain that control memory, hearing, and motor skills are more active in musicians
Playing a musical instrument improves self-discipline, patience, focus, and creativity
Playing music is an outlet to relieve stress and emotion
Learning to play a musical instrument is definitely worth it.

I highly suggest enlightening our child and providing them with music lessons.

Spread the word and tell your friends about how beneficial music education is!
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