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Grey Nurse Shark

No description

Brandon Somchana

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Grey Nurse Shark

What is its Body Structure.
What Do Grey Shark Eats
Grey Nurse Shark
Carcharias Taurus

Grey Nurse's relatives.
One of its relatives, of course, is the Nurse shark.
Food Chain
By: Brandon Somchana
Classification of Grey Nurse Shark.
How Do Grey Nurse Sharks move?
Most fish have a swim bladder to swim, but sharks don't have a swim bladder.
Sharks move their tails to propel themselves.
Sharks can move there fins in different angles to change direction.
The Grey Nurse shark is a consumer.
The Grey Nurse shark is a nekton.
It has a very strong jaw.
The Grey Nurse shark has a stout body
A wide body.
The skin is dark grey and brown.
Grey Nurse shark's height is 2-13ft.
Grey Nurse Sharks feeds on small fish.
They round up schools of fish.
They can eat bony fish
Small sharks
They eat rays
They also eat squid.
The Grey Nurse shark is at the top of the food chain.
It is eating tuna for the next part of the food chain.
The Grey Nurse shark can only have 2 babies at a time.
The baby sharks are called pups.
The pups are usually able to fend for themselves.
The adults show little parental care.
How Do Grey Nurse Sharks Get Their Prey?
Sharks depend on their keen sense.'
On the side of the shark there are nerve packed stripes, they detect movement in the ocean.
The Grey Nurse Sharks Habitat.
The Grey Nurse sharks live in warm temperature.
Around rocky reefs or islands
Sometimes in the surf zone and shallow bays.
Are The Grey Nurse Sharks Endangered?
The Grey Nurse Sharks where endangered and still kind of are now.
The sharks are protected today
Some get captured on accident.
Some illegal still occurs today.
Are Grey Nurse Sharks Dangerous to Humans
The Grey Nurse shark were accused of shark attacks.
The grey nurse sharks are friendly unless you bother them.
The End!
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