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"Unsung Hero" Analysis

No description

Brian Nguyen

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of "Unsung Hero" Analysis

Background and History
Director: "Tor" Sornsriwichai
Most awarded production house globally
Also directed:
"Silence of Love"
"Garbage Man"
and many others
Air Date: 2014
Ad for Thai Life Insurance
Founded in 1942
Appreciate the value of life
"Unsung Hero" Analysis
Purpose of the Ad (Message)
Trope/Technique 1
Dead tree at before he helped others.
Time progressed.
The tree was greener and. healthier.
A butterfly landed on the tree.
Both of these displayed positive progression.
Trope/Technique 2
The main character helped those that are generally thought of as those needing help.
Older women, child, poor person, and a stray dog.
"Unsung Hero"
"People need to... suffer an incident that makes them stop and think about... an insurance policy. When that day arrives, the brand that they think understands what they're feeling will be in the final running"
-Phwait Chitrakorn, Marketing Director
-Makes you believe in the
power of doing good.
-In life what do we strive for?
+Money? Items?
-By doing good deeds, we earn happiness,
something that lasts a lifetime (Emotions).
-Ad is more about branding viewers so they
associate strong feelings with the company.
By: Cherin Joseph, Brian Nguyen, Jake Schroder
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