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Links Simulation Presentation

No description

Brittney Noye

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Links Simulation Presentation

Team Performance
Strengths of Firm 7
Weaknesses of Firm 7
High failure rate of products
Unfilled orders/excess inventory due to poor inventory management
Fluctuating customer satisfaction
Poor supplier decisions
Inconsistent safety stock percentages
In the Next Round...
Add DC only to the region where majority of demand is derived
Increase postponed production as much as possible each round
Use 3-month weighted moving average technique to increase forecasting accuracy
Employ Just-In-Time inventory management
Utilize constant safety stock % to account for variability in demand
Links Simulation Presentation
Top-rated Overall Performance
Ranked #1 in Forecasting Accuracy
Round 1 & Round 8
Above Average Change in Market Share
*$27,935,852 Cumulative Retained Earnings
Addition of DC 3 = Increased Postponement Production

*high correlation between top performing teams & higher postponement production percentages
*poor supplier decisions high failure rates large numbers of replacement parts needed low customer satisfaction

Increased safety stock each round to account for the above weaknesses. Missed opportunity to change suppliers

Brittney Noye
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