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Age of Exploration

No description

Emma Cummings

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Age of Exploration

Portugal & Its Explorers Age of Exploration Fun Facts! Causes The Land "Untouched" -Natives in Newfoundland looked like gypsies to them.
-They described the land in Newfoundland as being very abundant in resources such as lumber, and seeing houses and communities.
-Brazil: found over 7 million natives – very rich in culture and practicing very different traditions such as cannibalism. -Some places were uninhabited Long-term effects Did you know.... By Laura, Emma, Erin, Cameron -Portugal is in southwestern europe - middle of the economic world
- At the end of the 15th century, Portugal started to explore
-At first, dominated the Age of Discovery
-Many explorers and discoveries
-Developed the caravel - a very powerful ship
-Maps/charts were the best in the world - top secret The Beginning Prince Henry The Navigator -Called the pioneer of exploration in Portugal
-financed many voyages
-founded exploration schools -Prince Henry's encouragement
-wanting power and prestige in the world
-expanding empire
-wealth through trade (of slaves, spices, silver/gold, etc)
-wanting to find faster routes to countries that they trade with
-finding slaves to work for them Where They Explored, Discovered, and Colonized Effects! Asia Brazil Australia/Newfoundland Africa Problems The Explorers Encountered -War (natives fighting back)
-Scurvy (lack of vitamin C)
-deaths on ships (hunger, illness)
-Muslims/Italians closing trade routes
-shipwreck/storms Magellan Bartolomeu Dias Vasco Da Gama Famous and Important Portuguese Explorers! Why did They Explore? 1394-1460 -The Portuguese were the first to explore the Cape of Good Hope because every other country was too scared of rumours of sea monsters & boiling water in the Atlantic Ocean in that area.
-Christopher Columbus, although not Portuguese, was trained by Portuguese & went to an exploration school there.
-Portugal also disagreed with Columbus and said that the world was bigger than he suggested (they ended up being right).
-Magellan as the first recorded person to see penguins -Dias Explored the Cape of Good Hope/southernmost tip of Africa

-Portugal colonized Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Morocco and Mozambique.

-Took many men as slaves from Africa and brought them to Brazil & Europe

-Portugal also colonized Cape Verde and Sao Tome, off the western coast of Africa, and were very important for the slave trade.

-Found Congo/The river Congo -Pedro Alvares Cabral discovered Brazil and colonized it
-their largest colony by far, based on area and population.
-The Portuguese brought African slaves to Brazil and forced them to grow sugar, tobacco, cotton, coffee, and other cash crops.
-Brazil gained independence from Portugal in 1822. -First exploration around the world (financed by Spain)
-Sailed for Spain
-Explored Asia looking for faster routes for trade.
-Named the Pacific Ocean
-Died during battle in the Philippines. 1480-1521 -His patron was King John II.
-Led the exploration around the Cape of Good Hope (first Europeans to do so)
-prepared navigation charts for other explorers (such as Columbus),
-died in a violent storm off the coast of Africa. Vasco Da Gama: Explored India, took over Goa, killed many Muslims who tried to control his trading. Many of his crewmembers died of Scurvy. His patron was King Manuel I of Portugal. -First to reach India by sea
-Explored India, took over Goa to make a trading post
-Killed many Muslims who tried to control his trading.
-Many of his crewmembers died of Scurvy.
-His patron was King Manuel I of Portugal. -trading posts in India (Goa was the centre of Portugal's empire in Asia)
-situated themselves in Japan
-Colonized Malacca, Indonesia (and discovered the Strait of Mallaca) & Harmuz
-Trading post in Macau -Portugal exploited native people that they would bring back to Europe and trade/sell.
-Natives suffered, being forced to work and being abused. -other countries got inspiration from the portuguese weapons (like the japanese)
-Portugal became prosperous economically, powerful, and influential.
-More knowledge of the world
-More maps of charted routes
-value of their money increased (market economy)
-Populations decreased because the Portuguese took people as slaves and killed whoever got in their way -Names were made by Portuguese explorers (ex: Pacific Ocean).
-Portuguese = 6th most spoken language in the world
-War for years to come between colonized countries and Portugal -Lots of controversy over whether Portugal discovered Australia or not
-Portugal explored Newfoundland but were not the first there.
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