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Dream Trip to Ireland!

No description

Mackenzie Mahon

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Dream Trip to Ireland!

Dream Trip to Ireland! How We're Going to Get There Food and Places to Eat Things to do There Weather and Climate Currency and Exchange Rate Safety Conserns Where I am Going to Stay During July the weather is humid and thunder storms usually occur with lightning the average tempertature in July is between 15 degrees celcius and 30 degrees celcius Ireland is surrounded by many miles of coastline banks, which makes beautiful as much as it is dangerous. Some tips to stay safe are: only use supervised lifeguard beaches
avoid currents, with children and/or adults
Do not bring floation divises because wind could blow you further out to sea
My plane ticket will cost around $1183.00. We are going to get on a 6 hour plane ride at 7a.m. to be there by 2p.m. Visit the Bunratty Castle and Folk Park(one of the most popular Attrations in Ireland). I am going to stay at the Great Southern Hotel Shannon, which is right outside the airport. Sail on a two-hour boat trip to go dolphin watching the Cherry Tree Restaurant
the Gallery Restaurant
the Wild Geese Restaurant I am going to visit Shannon Ireland for it's beautiful sights and fantastic water ways. The unit of money in Ireland is Euros(EUR). 1 Euro = 1.33983256 Canadian Dollars Have the greatest vacation ever! Visit some historical sites, such as castles
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