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Indian Premier League

Principles of Marketing - Assignment 1

Kern Sritharan

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Indian Premier League

Franchises Nine franchisees.

Each represent a city-state within India. Product Professional league for
Twenty20 cricket in India. Brand Name Title sponsorship.

DLF Group paid US$50 million from 2008 to 2012. Acquiring Players Annual Auction
Signing domestic players
Signing uncapped players
Signing replacements Format Sponsors Brand Endorsement Bollywood and International celebrities promote the event. Cheer Leaders Every team has a unique cheering team. Personal Selling Team-owners and players sell autographed tickets personally. References http://www.marketing91.com
http://in.answers.yahoo.com Promotion Advertising Place Distribution Media plays a prime role in distribution. Characteristics Features Franchising Brand Name Sponsors Format Features Channels Coverage Locations Techniques Cheer Leaders Advertising Personal Selling Public Contests Brand Endorsement Channels Television Social-Networking Live Online Streaming Web Site Radio Micro-Blogging Sites Official Broadcaster

Displays all events from Auctions to Franchisee News to the League Matches. Coverage Broadcasts to international markets. Location MAC Chepauk Stadium, Chennai Public Contests Round Robin followed by Qualifiers.

Home-Away Matches. Initiated and supervised by the  Board of
Control for Cricket in India  (BCCI). Second largest sports
league in the world. Unique Asian product. Player Recognition Orange Cap Purple Cap Outstanding Catch Rising Star of League Power Performance Pakistan United Kingdom M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore Punjab Cricket Association Stadium, Mohali Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai Fairplay Award Each Franchisee decides respective radio sponsor. Sri Lanka African Continent Worldwide United States of America Singapore & Malaysia Middle East Price Recharge with 70 and win tickets to a match.

Answer a question and meet IPL Stars. 4.5-5 lakhs per 10 seconds during normal IPL matches

10 lakhs per 10 seconds during the finals Television Newspapers & Magazines Social Media Billboards Radio Sponsor local events Miss Bollywood IPL Communication Service Providers Characteristics List Price Discounts Credit Terms Payment Period Share in revenue from (equal share for all franchisee after IPL’s share)
* Share in (60% of the amount distributed equally)
* Share in from sale of tickets. Franchisee Broadcast Rights Sponsorship Ticket Revenue Match fees and Inauguration expenses
-> (expense of around )
-> (around)
-> cost Rent of Stadium Marketing &
Promotional Cost Fee for coaches
& players Administrative Cost IPL Value $4.13 billion Ticket Revenue M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore LS: Rs. 600/- up

US: Rs. 1100/- up

Corporate: Rs. 5000/- up Rent of Stadium Marketing &
Promotional Cost Administrative Cost Fee for coaches
& players $45k per match $3-4 million per team $6-8 million per team Franchisee Fee Relative $8-10 million per year Expenses 15% Discounts 5% + List Price Payment Period Credit Terms Immediate None Ticket Revenue 20 % Others 20 % BCCI Pricing Model Sponsorships Hero Honda worth $22.5 million PepsiCo worth $12.5 million Kingfisher at $26.5 million DLF Group paid US$50 million "In India, cricket is religion. Seeing cricket is like praying to Vishnu." MRF at $2.5 million Karbonn Mobile at $5.8 million List Price ... ... ... ... 60 % Franchisee Discounts Not applicable Payment Period Validity of sponsorship deals are:
one year
three years
five years
ten years Credit Terms Terms not released Broadcast Rights List Price Japan's Sony Entertainment Television is paying $1.026 billion. Australia's OneHD is paying A$ 15 million. Payment Period Set Max 10 years Others 3-5 years Discounts Not applicable Credit Terms None Dinidu - Ali - Dinithi - Kiran
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