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Talent Development Team Meeting - QBR

No description

Sharon Budhiraja

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Talent Development Team Meeting - QBR

Learning Strategy India | Learning & Development
YTD Business Review 2012 Design Learning Management System Business Intelligence Facilitation ILT Pages in LMS These pages include
brief information about training
programs like objectives, Duration,
enrollment links etc. This section allow users
to choose a date from
the options available Easy Enrollment for Users thru LMS GM Competency Assessments for
Promotion Round in LMS Saurabh Sameer Saim,
GM Capability "These LMS based exams provided us with the opportunity to automate some of the Competency Level approvals by introducing test based approval instead of Manual interviews. This approach has reduced load on the SME approvers as well as created a filter by making these tests pre-requisites for applying at higher levels." Learning Center Audit: Reduction in errors: 66.9% Launch of ILT Pages in LMS:
Total 34 pages launched in
GM & Nitro/GSS LMS. Learning Center Access Requests:
Q3- 325
Q2 - 365 Business as Usual
Development Centers run for 28
business leaders in SN

Moving towards account based
calendars for different teams (Spigers,
Rhinos, BBO)

Customized Training programs
(Customized TLA for Spigers,
Customized MEP SS etc, Speakers
Club): 38 Most Impactful Achievement & Innovation for the Track Innovation for the Track Revamp of Knowledge Byte (re iterate the purpose and link with vibrant)

Before and After:
Creativity in presentation
Bite sized learning for everyone across Sapient
Workplace culture and Etiquettes
Tips and Tricks on MS Office
Upcoming Trainings and their relevance to professional success Business as Usual

Customized team level reports highlighting key focus areas
New reporting for Safari Learning – How they’re doing on bi-weekly basis
Speaker utilization format revised
Budget analysis done for 2012 and budget planning exercise initiated for 2013
Scorecard revamped – Data for all regions in SVN Innovations/New initiatives

Automated data reporting for GM using Macros
Created monthly dashboard for various L&D projects
Published infographic learning dashboards for India and APAC

Project - LMS Reporting : Being tested for functionality, formats, and dependency for pulling out various reports. Business as Usual

Average Learning hours
contributed – 835 hours

80% Completion of Team based

Average Facilitation Feedback
score- 4.37 Innovations/New initiatives

Launched New Programs-

Sushi bites, Basic Presentation Skills, Powerful Presenter, Effective Performance Manager, Speaker’s club, Enabling Manager’s Program Innovation for the Track Become Standard in Talent Development
and Strengthen People Organization:

Current state:
Focus on technical coaching and
Collaborative coaching.
Building capability within our team- from 2
to 5 coaches
Kicked off coaching engagement for 2 more

Future state :
More engagement using one-on-one model.
From facilitators to being consultants New initiatives

Speaker Ramp up Kit for Adobe
NA mailer creation and Roll out
Vox community for GM – L&D i.e.
i-Learn @ SGM Innovation for the Track:
Service Level Agreement
Team Utilization Standardization
Optimization Track-wise Review Learning Strategy Design Business Intelligence LMS Facilitation Operations Right ppl,
right place,
right time 145 Calendar
Offerings Avg. Feedback
score-4.34 51 Team
based 835
contributed Standard in
Development 7 new programs
launched India Learning Recognition Program Before After Operations Agenda 1. Kick-Off

2. Track-wise Review

3. Rewards & Recognition Business As Usual

The Effective Performance

Remedy Update Videos

Sapient Start & Sapient Nitro
Toolkit updates

Time Tracking eLearning

Talent Development Magazine
Design. 17 Projects 8 Standard 4 Great Exp 2 Ppl org 1 Right p,p,t Innovations/New Initiatives -Revamped Knowledge Byte
-Sample of mLearning – GoMo,
-Enabling Managers Program (EMP)
-IDP Offline Form
-Sushi Bites
-Communication Strategy: Content
-Updates on PeoplePortal and Taleo
-Design Showcase: Intro to Design
-Team’s Capabilities
-Birthday/Anniversary Mailers
-Communicating for Success
-Rolled out a simplified DLC with
Measures of Success Feedback
“I really liked the new look of knowledge byte. Appreciate your effort on making it cool and informative at the same time ”
“Just wanted to take a moment here and appreciate these mailers. They really are a snack sized piece of valuable information. Really appreciate the efforts! Keep them coming! ” Innovation for the Track Before After Theme based Webinars | Operational automation

Value Proposition

TD Objectives
Right people, Right place, Right time
Create a great experience for our people Most Impactful accomplishment- 40 Sessions 1816 Participants
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