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World Map

No description

Joanne Trimon

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of World Map

Joanne Trimon
Sabrina Luidens
Stewart Rodulfo
Vashni Chirino
World Map
Environmental Science
* The fourth largest country in the EU

*Population over 9.5 million (2012)

*65% of Sweden's total land area is covered by forests and sparsely populated

*Since 1995, member state of the European Union
The Beginning
Oil crisis of the early 1970s

Sweden outlined its present energy policy in 1997
Sweden's Sustainable Energy Usage
Sweden’s Biomass Energy
Most important renewable source of energy for Sweden

Produces electricity and heat, or vehicle fuels

The stimulus for economic growth and contributes to poverty reduction

Represents 30%of Sweden’s total supply of energy

Sweden’s Hydro Power energy
Sweden has a wave energy plant located in the sea outside Lysekil

For Sweden, wave power may be important in the Future but is still relatively undeveloped

Sweden’s Fuel Cells

A fuel cell works like a small power plant

Swedish researchers are seeking ways to produce hydrogen by trying to imitate photosynthesis in plants

Bikes in Sweden
Rechargeable Cars
Electric Trains
World- Class Power Market
Deregulated power market since 1996

120 Different power suppliers

The Ei (Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate) monitors the electricity market

Produces domestically and abroad

Divided into 4 power price areas
Energy Conservation
Efforts such as the PFE (Special five-year programme) in 2004
180 participants
110 official challengers
97 final reports
87 achieved energy rationalisation

2 new bills were proposed in 2009 concerning Energy Conservation
Energy- Efficient Households
All 290 municipalities have energy advisors

A declaration was made to compare energy usage between residential owners

First country to host a Plantagon Greenhouse, or vertical greenhouse
High Power Consumption, Low Emissions
Sweden’s Solar Energy
Solar energy can be converted to heat as well as electricity

The Swedish solar-cell market is still very limited

Sweden’s Wind Energy
Currently accounts for only a small share (less than 1 TWh) of the electricity produced in Sweden

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