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Skype vs. Facetime

No description

Tina Bisoni

on 1 August 2016

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Transcript of Skype vs. Facetime

Skype vs. Facetime
Connecting with Technology
Then and now...
Change is good, but what is BEST?
This presentation will compare/contrast two of technology's
mainstream communication options- Facetime and Skype

A biased viewpoint, but really "hits-home"
This video clearly takes sides as to which is better, Facetime or Skype, but we will watch it anyway even before comparing the two to understand the overall importance of such functions for phones.
Both serve similar functions, but are also very different in many ways
With so many advances and options, how do we know what is best?
Cheap! In fact, the cheapest VoIP service available
Screen-sharing capability, replacing projectors- opens options of using in business meetings, especially international ones
Overall global communication 24/7 via cellular or computer so long as there is Wi-Fi
Contains only few features, lacking call-blocking, call-back, and 911 call ability
Not connected to a mobile server, therefore Wi-Fi is absolutely needed in order for Skype to function at all
There have been many reports of background noise and dropped calls, lowing overall quality of application
Though this be mainly a phone app for apple products, one has the open option of freely connecting a call via their macbook!
As apple is known for it's camera qualitiy, picture view of the other party is generally always, at the very least, satisfactory
Ease-of-use. Performs its function without having to log in each time, select settings, etc...
For apple users only. Other phones may have other programs, but facetime is specifically designed for the iPhone (another reason to convert!)
Carrier-free, which can be good and bad, but I must highlight this could lead to connection problems
General annoyance of all the social implications of the app
And the winner is...
After all non-iPhone users only have one option anyway- Skype! Being an iPhone owner though, I have always been able to depend on Facetime, never enountering any problems. However, I am gratefrul for Skype, as it was my main means of communication to friends and family back in the states when I was living in Argentina for about two years without a phone carrier. So I conclude it is based more on a persons personal situation.
So, ladies and gents, looks like we might have a tie!
Wait, who says there has to be a winner?
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