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Adulthood 101: Lessons in Laundry

No description

Friendswood Library

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of Adulthood 101: Lessons in Laundry

Adulthood 101: Lessons in Laundry
Laundry: To Do or Not to Do (You should!)
Clothes. Society requires that you wear them everyday.

But do you take of care of your own clothes or do you have a parent who does all the work for you?

Pretty soon you'll have to do it all on your own, so you better learn how to do it! Get ready for a crash course in how to do laundry, ironing, mending and other basic clothing care.
Whether you drink coffee or not, you will inevitably spill something on yourself. Here are some tips for removing stains.
Washing Clothes!
Okay, you've treated your stains or you just have some stinky clothes that need cleaning.

Let's talk about how to use that washing machine and dryer and how to separate your clothes before washing.
Folding and Ironing
Now you've washed your clothes and it's time to put them away. Here are a few helpful tips for folding your clothes to keep them neat and tidy in your dresser.

And if they *are* wrinkled when you take them out to wear here are some MORE tips on ironing your clothes so you don't look like a slob (especially helpful if you're trying to impersonate an adult version of yourself).
Basic Mending
Does your favorite shirt have a missing button?
Familiarize yourself with your machines
Separating Clothes
Washing Colors
Here's a great video that shows all of the steps at once.
Washing Whites
Advanced: Delicates
A youtube video AND a British accent? How much do you love me?

Or, if you're pressed (haha) for time just pop your wrinkly item of clothing back in the dryer for a few minutes!
Hole in your jeans?
Torn hem? Or just an annoying hole?
Happy Cleaning!
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