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greek mythology hephaestus

No description

andrew dominguez

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of greek mythology hephaestus

mythology hephaestus god of fire lived on Mount Olympus His father is Zeus god of world And powerful god had a son He was a black smith and craft man of the god. volcanoes and fires were consldered
his work shop. symbols were hammer and tongs. Legend has it he was
born disabled so his mom threw him in sea. One of the 12 gods that lived
on Mount Olympus. 2 godless save him and taught him craft jewelry out of seashells and corals. Because of his skill
Zeus send him back
to Mount Olympus. Hephaestus made weapons
lighthing for his father. In Rome people celebrated a festival for Hephaestus called
Vulcanalia. every August Roman style Throw small fish in
the fires By Andrew I. Dominguez
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