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Generational Marketing Assignment

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mallory meade

on 2 February 2017

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Transcript of Generational Marketing Assignment

Generation Z
Generation Z'ers are more likely to be hired than Millennials.
We grew up around technology, and we can also multitask.

We are called the generation of the lost childhood.
We are obsessed with technology.
Forms of Media
Social media, advertising media, paper ad media, and other companies advertising for K-Mart can be helpful. The best bet would be to put ads on YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify.
Walmart and Target are the two most well known general stores. Walmart has most of the customers or market, so that is who we should be trying to sway. We need to try and have a wider variety of available merchandise than other stores. We need to have better deals, and more often. We also need to push to have a modern technology based stores.
Our Addvertisment
Attention Grabbing
Social Media
K-mart could use the research found saying generation Z is active and fit and very worried about their health and appearance
If the people of K-Mart use social media and catch the minds of the Z'ers, then they would want to go to the store this is because, we can tell customers what there is in stock, we can get what people want, and more! K-Mart needs to have every social media account to be able to make sure they can get connected with the most amount of people as they possibly can!
New Slogan
Our Goal
This is Kmart
We will put K-Mart back in the top store choices for America. we will do this by adding new products such as electronics and clothing, adding new and improved store themes, and an in store coffee shop. There will be more clothing options and possibly a section of the store for people to state more things they are looking for that we do not have so that we can put the items in stock. Also there would be a staion in the middle of the store full of staff that are ready to help.
This is K-Mart
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