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Tau Beta Sigma, Alpha Theta Chapter Recruitment Video

A presentation for recruitment into Tau Beta Sigma, Alpha Theta of North Dakota State University.

Matthew Weiss

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Tau Beta Sigma, Alpha Theta Chapter Recruitment Video

I suppose we should begin with... what on earth is TBS?? what do you do? how do you help the band? do you do anything fun at all?? what service opportunities do you offer? will I meet cool people who are older than me? how would I benefit from TBS? will I get hazed.. how much of a time commitment is TBS? are you the people who gave me freezie pops? :) Do I have to? Let's Have a brief History Class. Absolutely. So. Remember Catherine the Great? Well, it all started with her. Oh, and that Izabella chick from Spain. And that English queen...Elizabeth? Well anyway, they're all women. And little did anyone know, they all marched. Catherine was fed up with the men having all the attention with their Kappa Kappa Psi frat, and had a great idea. ... ... ... ... ... Kidding I suppose you could say she started it all. <--------what's her name? Howdy y'all, ma Name is Wava Banes Henry! Tau Beta Sigma was founded at Texas Tech University by Mrs. Wava Banes (Turner Henry) in 1946.

However, due to corporation laws in the state of Texas at the time, the Texas Tech sisters surrendered their name, ritual, jewelery, constitution and Alpha Chapter designation to the local band sorority at Oklahoma State University.

Our own chapter, Alpha Theta, was founded in 1951. For those of you who don't know how sorority/fraternity naming go, this means we were the 32nd chapter out of 235 currently chartered chapters. We have a strong history. what next... OH yes. Remember these, by chance? I made them. Yep, made them to lure you in.. Putting frivolities aside, there's more on these boards than glamor. Catchy, Yes? If you read this one, you learned of what you'd gain from TBS. These boards will tell you exactly what you need to know about TBS. I'd rather not retype them. I'm fairly positive you know us, or at least have met us! For the sake of internet security, I'm not posting pictures or names of us current members. Sorry, creeps. After All, we know a lot about you. hat size
your major
your friends
what uniform you wear
daddy's debit card number
favorite movie to cry to probably 7.25 probably near 5' 6" probably around 150 probably clarinet music ed, psychology, or undecided. probably. well, they're sitting right next to you after all... probably not the one you needed. kidding again. mine's A Walk to Remember You have what it takes! why me?????? Shhh, now, don't tell everybody! In looking for potential members, we seek for certain qualities. We looked for: charisma
dedication PS: and people who don't annoy us. And You Are IT! Members, raise your hand now. Introduce yourself individually and tell them something about yourself! Don't be afraid, feel blessed. We like you! But I just don't think I'll have time. ...you have concerns? Don't worry, we had the same. It costs money. It'll just distract me from my studies. I'm afraid of being in a Sorority. But I'm a guy... ?:( We all have time commitments, believe me!
Putting stress on your time management will only make you better at it!
It will give you more of a schedule to work with!
-resulting in less video games or whatever you do. We understand that you are now a poor college student. But everything costs money. Our reason to charge you with dues is because they go to the national foundation. We require much less paper than most of the Sororities or Fraternities. We only meet once a week to discuss business, typically taking 45 minutes total out of our days. They are also typically after marching practice. Trust me, you'll have time to get things done. If not, sounds like a personal problem...tisk tisk.. As the poster says, we are an honorary sorority. We have ideals that we meet as a group. We also have an anti-discriminatory policy and hazing policy. Trust us, you have nothing to fear with TBS! Pertaining to men only!!:
Pretty sure I am too! It isn't as awkward as you would think, describing to people that you're in a coed Sorority. It's not something I worry about, and neither should you. Getting to the end here, I promise.. Are you here to make this better? making this better? Because that is exactly what we do here. What can we say? We love the Gold Gold Star Band. Everything about it. We thought you might share the same feelings.. We'd love a new little sister! So if you're interested... or Mistersister! in but I'm impatient.. Settle down, everyone!!! One question at a time please! All of your questions will be answered in due time, young one. Any questions? Concerns? We Want: ideas
ingenuity passion
love of music We Want: INVESTORS?? Possibly You! But First.. Now We Will Open Up the Meeting to:
Discussion but who are the current members?? would I know anybody in TBS already?
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