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The hobbit-movie connection

S.luu, S.Danheim, V.Lightfoot

Sophie Luu

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of The hobbit-movie connection

The Hobbit:
Movie Comparison Plot
Differences Characters Similarity: Bilbo is always hungry and wants food.
In both the book and movie Bilbo has
cakes stashed away in his pantry and
on the adventure he thinks about the
comfort of his food at home. Similarity: Bilbo was hesitant about traveling in
the journey. He was uncomfortable
when the dwarves proposed the
contract in both the book and
movie. He even fainted at the
idea! Difference: During the movie Bilbo isn't as friendly and
polite compared to the book. For example, Bilbo was suppose to invite Gandalf to tea. In the movie, Gandalf just showed up with the dwarves on Bilbo's doorstep. Difference: There's an age difference in the book and movie.
In the book, Bilbo was never as old as in the movie. Only in the film, has he aged. Similarity: Gandalf's personality is very similar in the
book and movie. He is quirky and peculiar towards Bilbo in the beginning of both the
novel and film. When Bilbo greets him "good morning", Gandalf contemplates what exactly Bilbo is means. Similarity: Difference: Gandalf seems more grave and
worried in the film than the book.
In the book, Gandalf shows no stress and
diverts Sauron the Necromancer all on his
own. But in a big chunk of the movie,
Gandalf has his mind on Sauron and he is
preoccupied mentally about him. Difference: In the book, Gandalf is more helpful than the movie. He rescues Bilbo from the ponies in the book; instead ,in the film, Bilbo saves himself. He also tends to offer more advice in book towards the dwarves and Bilbo. Similarity: Similarity Thorin Oakenshield is the leader of the company. He was the one who proposed the quest to the dwarves, Bilbo, and Gandalf. Throin acts as the head of the group during the adventure and makes decisions. Difference Thorin has an attitude full of resentment
throughout the whole movie. In the book
he's not harsh towards the elves. But in the movie, he almost refused to rest in Rivendell
with the elves because he has a grudge
towards them. According to the novel dwarves are shorter than the "Big People", or us humans. Thorin is a dwarf and compared to the other characters of Middle-Earth he is shorter. Similarly, the movie follows this depiction. Difference In the book, Thorin wanted to
reclaim treasure from the Lonely Mountain.
The purpose of the quest was less about
honor and more about greed. But in the
film, Thorin says he is "reclaiming the glory"
for his people in Dale. In the book, Radagast the Brown Wizard is only mentioned and never actually appears. Throughout the film he is a crazed and animal-loving character. He interacts with Gandalf, the dwarves, and Bilbo in the whole movie! He even helps the company escape danger by distracting a herd of orcs. Difference #1 The film starts off with a back story between Smaug -the dragon and antagonist- and how he destroyed the town of Dale. The viewers of the movie, see the fear of the people of Dale and how they hopelessly fought to keep their town safe. The battle with Azog's army of orcs and how they killed Thorin's father and grandfather was also a backstory added to the movie adaption. In contrast,the novel starts off with Bilbo in his home in Bag-end. Originally, the account of Smaug is told by Thorin in the book. Difference #2 Right before the company went to Rivendell they encountered a herd of orcs in the movie adaption. There was a big chase scene between the two groups. Then after Bilbo and the company escape the Misty Mountains, Orcs riding on Wargs (the wolf-like creatures) chase the company until they climb the trees. But in the novel, they're only attacked by the Wargs and their goblin allies. In fact there weren't any scenes throughout the book with Orcs at all. Difference #3:
The Orcs Reason # 1: There was much more suspense and action throughout the movie than the book. The various battles with the orcs weren't in the novel and that was very exciting to see! So were the rock giants' fight during the thunderstorm scene! Visually, in the film it was much more breathtaking than the book. The fight scenes were so entertaining and eye-catching. Reason #3: The secondary and Tertiary Conflict The novel only had one plot and that was Thorin's quest to reclaim the treasure stolen by Smaug. In the movie , the director added the ongoing tension between the Pale Orc and his companions and Thorin which is the secondary conflict. The movie also followed Gandalf's conflict dealing with the Necromancer. There's a huge discussion in one scene of the film with Gandalf, Saruman, Elrond, and Galadriel. They argue over the danger of the necromancer who eventually is known later in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy as Sauron. This conflict foreshadows what will happen later in the years. In our opinion, we like the
movie better
than the book! Similarity Kili has a very similar outfit in both the book and movie adaption. Following the description in the novel, in the film he is wearing a blue cloak and has a silver belt on. Similarity According to the novel, Kili is some fifty years younger than the other dwarves. Similarly, in the film he looks much younger than the other aged dwarves. Difference There is a slight appearance difference when it comes to hair in the novel and film. In the book, Kili has yellow hair and with a yellow beard. But the movie uses an actor with brown hair instead. Difference Difference In the novel Kili brings a fiddle with him and plays part of the background music for "Misty Mountains" . But in the movie he doesn't play the fiddle. Instead he just sings the lyrics to the songs. In both the book and
movie, Gandalf's outfit is the same.
The book describes him having a tall pointed blue hat, a long grey cloak and a staff. Reason # 2 The music made the movie more enjoyable than the book. when reading the songs in the books, there wasn't a tune or rhythm to the words. But in the movie, the orchestra score along with the different adaptions to the lyrics made the songs way better. The song "Misty Mountains" sung by the dwarves and put with a full orchestra background was so much more dynamic to hear in the movie than to read in the book.
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