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Texas Tribe

No description

Holland Smith

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Texas Tribe

Texas Tribe
A Co-ed social-service organization here at UT that aspires to provide long-lasting relationships while giving back to the Austin community!
Tribe seeks to provide close-knit relationships between all of its members.
We had a lot of fun this past year with all of our social events including our Harry Potter Party, Laser Tag, and our 90s party.
Another big part of Tribe is community service. Tribe loves to give back to Austin and to the UT community through our various events.
Tribe often volunteers at one of our favorite philanthropies, Inside Books. Some of our other events include Forty Acres Fest and the Yellow Bike Project.
Texas Tribe loves to support UT athletics and even participate in some of our own intramurals!
Tribe participates in several intramural sports including Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, and dodge ball!
Recruitment Procedures
Tribe has a unique form of recruitment.
Tribe prides itself on getting to know our recruits on a one on one basis. We expect potential recruits to come to Tribe events and get to know current Tribe members and officers.

Depending on the amount of applicants, there may be an initial cut of recruits after a round of preliminary interviews.

Remaining recruits will then move on to what Tribe calls "Quests". These are fun activities designed for you to get to know officers and members on a personal level.
Tribe Dues
When turning in your application, you'll also turn in a $10 application fee, payable by cash or PayPal.

This will cover your entrance into all Tribe events and parties during recruitment. If you are accepted, this fee will be deducted from your first semester dues.

First semester dues=$200
Subsequent semester dues=$150
Recruitment Chairs
Upcoming Events
We have a lot planned for y'all this semester including:
Beer Pong Tourney
Tailgateless Tailgates
Barge Party
Hiking at Greenbelt
Upcoming Service Events
This semester, Tribe will be volunteering with a number of organizations, which include:
The Capital of Texas Food Bank
Inside Books
Baking Parties for Non-Profits
Events with other organizations on campus

I want everyone to love going to service events, so if anyone has a favorite volunteer activity, I would love to hear your ideas and plan a service event around them!

10 Required Hours
Our main goal is to cultivate the close-knit friendships that are unique to Texas Tribe.
Feel free to talk to us about any questions or concerns you have about the process!
We're here to make sure you all enjoy the recruitment process as much as we did.
Outdoorsy Stuff!
As a tribe, we love the great outdoors and we try to experiance it as much as we can! We do this by having many varied events such as:
Hiking the Greenbelt
Swimming at Hamilton Pool
Our semi-annual camping retreat
Quests are one of the most exciting experiences of tribe! We choose to have a unique form of recruitment so that we can really get to know who you are and what all you're about! Some examples of previous quests include...
Make food for another recruit!
Go Kayaking with Adriane!
Bring a friend to a tribe party
Play pool with Max
Thank you so much for coming! We hope you had a good time and continue with your interest in tribe!
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