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Mikarla Gonzales

on 11 October 2012

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“JOSEPHINE RESTAURANT” The study is all about recognizing a high class Philippine restaurant that promotes Filipino cuisine. This help us modify what is the importance of being an accredited establishment of the Department of Tourism and what are the benefits that can help to promote tourism industry. INTRODUCTION NAME AND HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The modest town of Pamanitan, in the heart of Kawit, later witnessed as Ponso, and his beautiful wife Josephine Little, purchased 10 hectares of fishpond. Generating profitable income, the fishpond initiated the notion of a housing subdivision that the idea opening an eatery was conceived initially intended to feed the workers. The fish was certainly plentiful and the workers needed to eat. Ponso decided to open it calling the establishment “Josephine”. On December 22, 1966, the first Josephine Restaurant was inaugurated and opened to the public. Encouraged by its growing success and recognition, The Josephine Restaurant later branched out to key cities of Cubao (1972), Baclaran (1973), Roxas (1974), Pasay (1976), Makati (1979), Greenhills (1986) and Tagaytay (1995). COMPANY/ INSTITUTIONAL PHILOSOPHY Our vision is continued recognition as one of the country’s foremost destination for high quality Filipino cuisine, wholesome family recreation and leisure. We are socially committed by providing opportunities, development and advancement for the benefit of all. VISION: *We will continue to grow and develop by:
*Pursuing excellence in all aspects
*Forging stronger partnership
*Innovating and utilizing technology to establish efficient and effective service systems
*And foremost, constantly improving ourselves and the quality of our people. MISSION Mr. Alfonso Sarayba III and Mr. Jovert Srayba, grandsons of Mr. Alfonso Sarayba Sr., serve as the general manager of Josephine Restaurant in Tagaytay. Together with them is Ms. Leigh Reyes as the human resource manager and, Mr. Romeo D. Caraan and Ms. Edith Mocorro as the dining the manager of the restaurant. OWNERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Josephine’s has a prime spot along the Tagaytay Ridge as it sits close to the edge of the ridge, giving customers a 180-degree unobstructed frame of the Taal Volcano, the Taal Lake and the vast blue skies in its entire splendour. Customers are greeted with grand glass walls with water cascading down a stone wall. Park benches are available at the back patio for both the hungry and the full ones as customers wait for their tables or for others. TOPOGRAPHY SITE DESCRIPTION GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION

Josephine Restaurant has a land area of 1 hectare with the following seat capacity:
Main Building – 250 seats
Palm Royale – 250 seats
Parasol Coffee Shop – 100 seats
View Deck – 150 seats
Maharlika Suite – 50 seats SIZE AND BOUNDERIES It is along side of the road so it can be easily seen and it is in front of Summit Ridge Hotel and Promenade and it is beside the Vista Point. VISIBILITY From:
Dasmariñas via Emilio Aguinaldo Highway: 24.7 km, 23 minutes
Metro Manila via Emilio Aguinaldo Highway: 62.9 km, 57 minutes
Makati City via Emilio Aguinaldo Highway: 62.4 km, 55 minutes
NAIA Road, Parañaque City via Emilio Aguinaldo Highway: 51.8 km, 45 minutes
Batangas City via Payapa Road: 64.5 km, 57 minutes
(Time of travel may also change depending on road disturbances ACCESSIBILITY Landmarks which can be seen near the establishment are the Summit Ridge Hotel and Promenade and Robinson’s Bank or Robinson’s Supermarket. The establishment is also near the Petron gasoline station after the Magallanes square. It is near the SMDC. If you were from crossing Mendez or from Nasugbu it is near the Meralco. LANDMARKS AMENITIES AND FACILITIES The Josephine Restaurant is owned and operated by Sarayba Enterprises, Inc., with the family members managing the different departments of the different of the operational framework. Presently, their children are members of the Board of the Corporation. There are nine children altogether, two which have passed away. However, none of the current surviving seven children actively participate in the management and operation of Sarayba Enterprises.
Josephine Restaurant Tagaytay is managed by the two grandchildren of the Sarayaba’s naming Alfonso Sarayba III and Jovert Sarayba TYPES AND DESCRIPTION OF OPERATION AND MANAGEMENT Main Dining – seating capacity (250)
Maharlika Suite – seating capacity (50)
Parasol Coffee Shop – seating capacity (150)
Palm Royale – seating capacity (250)
View Deck – seating capacity (150) LIST OF AMENITIES AND FACILITIES Outside the Josephine’s restaurant it looks simple but when you go inside the restaurant, it looks elegant. They have the receiving area, bar area, main dining, and palm royale for wedding ceremony that serves for reception. They also have rooms for private meetings; it is near the receiving area. They also have chandeliers that make the establishment looks Filipino yet prestigious. The comfort room is placed at the right side when you enter the restaurant. They also have the coffee shop inside the restaurant with the pastry shop beside it. It is found inside the restaurant also in the right part. They also have tables near the coffee shop where you can view the Taal Lake and the Taal Volcano. PHYSICAL CONFIGURATION Best food and beverages served to customers
All the food and beverages that the restaurant offers are all done in highly delectable taste that will make all types of customers to come back again and again to dine-in in this restaurant. Specialties of the house include wide variety of seafood and native cuisines. Beverages are made up of natural fresh juices.
Other services the restaurant offers to guests
The restaurant offers banquet reservations which include wedding, birthday parties and etc. Outside catering are also accepted. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OFFERED MARKET/CLIENTELE SPECIFIC TARGET MARKET/CLIENTELE They target customers from the large cities who are visiting Tagaytay to find peace and relaxation; those people who seeks Filipino dishes. They offer set of meals for families or large group of people and they also now accept outside catering.
This time, they are promoting and accepting wedding celebrations along their place as one of their new promotional activities to gain extra profits. There are several competitors of this establishment which they don’t look as a threat to their business. Leslies, and Dencio’s are the examples of their major competitors. Some establishments near them are the Gerry’s Grill, Max’s Restaurant, RSM, Yellow Cab, Razons, and Giligans. COMPETITORS If you love home-cooked meals but you’re apparently away from home, head to Kawit or Tagaytay and dine in at one of Cavite’s finest restaurants, Josephine Restaurant.
Josephine Restaurant in Tagaytay not only give good food but also great ambiance as well. Josephine Restaurant is among the most coveted food places in the province. With authentic Filipino cuisine added with the flair of Caviteño hospitality, you will surely enjoy your dining experience here. ADVERTISING STRATEGIES As Tagaytay slowly becomes a venue for relaxation, meditation and all the other good stuff, Josephine fits perfectly in line with what the city has to offer, sumptuous Filipino dishes on grander scale that has stood the test of time and its changing appetites. Enjoy the finest dishes on a perch, the fresh cool climate and the verdant hills of Tagaytay only at Josephine’s Restaurant. It will be the perfect setting for a sumptuous and even more perfect feast. Compared to other Buffet and Eat All You Can restaurants like Dad’s. Kamayan and others, Josephine’s Restaurants had only 1 plate in their promo offer which means there is only 1 choice. It’s because they only have Filipino food on their buffet table. They are joining in different activities to promote their establishment like in Kalakbay Group and Hotel Restaurant Organization and many more. PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES RULES AND REGULATIONS SET BY THE DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM For the purposes of accreditation, the following are the minimum requirements that must be complied with the restaurants:
1.The locality and environs including approaches shall be with proper ingress and egress.
2.The façade and architectural features of the building shall be appropriately designed.
-There shall be an adequate, secured parking space provided for free to customers.
-A receptionist shall be available to usher in guests. A waiting lounge with a telephone shall also be provided. d. Dining Room
1.Furnishing – The dining room shall be adequate in size, with sufficient and well-maintained furniture. Flooring materials shall be kept clean at all times.
2.Atmosphere – The restaurant shall have a pleasant atmosphere.
3.Cuisine – There shall be cuisine of good quality and presentation available during normal meal hours and served with distinction. Raw food used shall meet minimum government and international standards.
4.Menu Book/ Card – There shall be a menu book or card which shall be presentable, clean and easy to read with the menu items listed in logical sequence. All items shall be made available at all times on a best-effort basis.
5.Linen – All tables shall have clean table cloth and cloth napkins of good quality. They should not be faded, nor with frayed edges and stains and should be changed after every service.
6.Crockery – No piece of crockery, cutlery and tableware in use shall be chipped, cracked or grazed. The silverware shall be kept polished and clean at all times e.Service and Staff – Adequate number of well-trained, well-groomed, experienced, efficient and courteous staff shall be employed.
f.Bar – The bar shall be well-stocked at all times.
g.Comfort Rooms – All comfort rooms shall be with good quality fixtures and fittings and provided with running water. The floor and the walls shall be covered with impervious materials of good quality workmanship and shall be kept clean and sanitary at all times. Tissue paper, soap, paper towels and/ or hand dryer shall be provided.
1.The kitchen, pantry and cold-storage shall be in good operating condition at all times and shall be well-equipped and hygienic.
2.Equipment necessary to maintain a high standard of sanitation and hygiene shall be installed and used. i.Lighting – Adequate lighting dining rooms, public rooms, comfort rooms, corridors and other public areas.
j.Air-conditioning/ Ventilation – All main dining or function rooms shall be fully air-conditioned and/ or well-ventilated.
k.Maintenance – All sections of the restaurant (e.g., building’s exterior and interior, air-conditioners, kitchen, fixtures, plumbing, etc.) shall be maintained properly at all times. A periodic vermin control program shall be maintained for all establishments.
l.Fire-fighting Facilities – Adequate fire-fighting facilities shall be provided in accordance with the Fire Code of the Philippines. EVALUATION OF STUDY The strength of Josephine Restaurant are first is the attraction of Taal Volcano wherein you will see its whole shape, one of their advantages is beside the cold-breeze of Tagaytay is their wedding reception in the garden that is highly appreciated where the building is shading the guests from the sunlight naturally. One of their strength are the foods that they serve like Crispy Pata, Kare-Kare, Bulalo, Lumpiang Sariwa and their specialty Mutya ng Cavite (cream based seafood and grilled tune belly soup.) Their foods can cause only P350 quite expensive but worth it. And also one of their strength is their attendants and servers are attentive and accommodating to their guests, And as you can see to the walls behind of receptionist desk is they are approve by the Department of Tourism. STRENGTH The weakness of Josephine Restaurant is their parking area is far from the main dining area wherein you need to walk far from where you parked and the parking area is cemented. It is very hassle especially when it’s raining wherein the mud splash to your feet. And also the service is too slow wherein you need to wait 20-30 minutes at the waiting area especially when many people are eating and another 30 minutes of waiting for the food/s that you order. WEAKNESS In analysing opportunities is they should know the trends that will offer to the people around them. It is also one way for the popularity of the restaurants in maintaining and improving their specialties, workers and facilities. OPPORTUNITIES It is the way wherein the restaurant is highly manage and maintained by the people under it, they should not be overconfident to the specialties or foods that they serve to the guests, thinking themes and occasional basis to defeat and highly ranked from their competitors around them. Never underestimate your competitors. THREAT PEST Analysis
Based on our observation, Politics did not affects the establishment. According to them no one in the owners are politicians even the people who are working there and other people who have shares in Josephine Restaurant. Somehow the economics affects the establishment because of the tax that they are paying. According to them they are paying their tax regularly. In terms of tourism, they also have good effects especially for us students in our education. Just like what we are doing for our thesis and we having a lot ideas about our course. Their establishment was affected by technology because they are using computers and each stations like the bar, kitchen, etc. has printers so that they can easily send what their goals and what they need to pursue. They also have CCTV cameras to be safe from thieves and any other bad people and to know if their staffs are really working hard and doing their jobs. PLANS AND PROGRAMS OF THE STUDY The Plans and Programs of our study which is Josephine Restaurant is that they have a plan to have franchises in different places in the Philippines in order to increase their popularity and for them to be known by different tourists. But that was just one of their plans for today and they’re up to some new plans that they are still working on it. It can also help our country to increase the tourist’s population as they visit and stay here in the Philippines. The Filipinos are very welcoming when it comes to visitors especially if they are from different countries and each of the other sides will endorse their tourist spots so that we Filipinos can also visit their place. But also of today, we are receiving good feedbacks from the different visitors liked our country and the warm welcome that we Filipino shows to them. That was just of the examples to endorse and promote our country. They were up to some project that will be built near MOA and Josephine Restaurant will be part of the concessionaire as they go on with this project. The manager didn’t mention a lot about it because they are still working on it. They’re country and also for the foreigners to discover it and to show how a Filipino works when it comes to business. COMPARISON BETWEEN THE STUDY AND RULES AND REGULATIONS SET BY THE DOT Josephine Restaurant highly maintains their food to avoid food borne illness and prevent hazardous food for their good reputation. Their obligation and responsibility to the food they serve is the cleanliness and safety of their guests. DOT requires them to update their plans regarding to the foods, activities and facilities of their restaurants. DOT monitors their plans if they follow the rules and regulations of their standards in promoting the tourism industry. JOSEPHINE RESTAURANT Josephine Restaurant should renovate their parking area to be more opportunities to their guests, maybe a covered parking or a small bridge passing to the entrance of their lobby. That their service must be in fast, just in 10-15mins in serving. And their toilets must be repaired immediately for the comfort of the guest. SOLUTION Josephine Restaurant must maintain their good reputation, their cleanliness and the accommodating ambiance of their place. One person must be in the entrance of Tagaytay promoting to the tourist the opportunity. SOLUTION We conclude that Josephine Restaurant is one the most highly recognized restaurants,
not only because they offer Filipino dishes but also because they
are the only DOT accredited restaurant here in Cavite. Conclusion We highly recommend Josephine Restaurant because they have a unique style
of preparing Filipino dishes but at the same time, they can manage to stay ahead with the other famously
known restaurant here in the Philippines. Furthermore, they can also deal with both foreign and
local customers in giving high-quality service without being biased. Recommendation THANK YOU ! Photos
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