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The dragon prophecy


Nikhil Jain

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of The dragon prophecy

The Dragon

Book Report
Author: Geronimo Stilton
Title: The Dragon Prophecy
Genre: Adventurous Fiction
The main characters in this novel are Geronimo Stilton, Scribblehopper, King Thunderhorn, Sterling, Bitsy Luckybug, Mixy Von Troll. These are the protagonist (hero) of the story. Cackle the witch. She is the Antagonist ( villian) of the story.

The minor characters are: the Trolls, Breeze, Primrose, Peachflower, Seedling, All the Witches, the Gnomes, the Black Hearted Knights, The Queen, and The King
By Nikhil Jain
The Dragon Prophecy is a adventurous novel. Geronimo Stilton is found to be in the Kingdom of Fantasy for the fourth time. The last Dragon egg was stolen and Geronimo Stilton has to get it back! If the last dragon egg was destroyed dragons could be extinct forever. He didn't want that to happen so he prepared a company called The Company of the silver dragons. The people in that company are obviously Geronimo Stilton, Scribblehopper, King Thunderhorn, Sterling, Sparkle, Bitsy Luckybug, and Mixy Von Troll. Then on the way they met the Queen's friend in a special garden. Then they went out into the Kingdom of Fantasy to find the stolen Egg. It will surely be a amazing experience and hope to find new friends on the way.
The Conflict of the novel is when Geronimo Stilton has to face all the problems while he is looking for the missing or stolen egg. The problems that Geronimo Stilton faces on its way finding the egg are; Cackle the evil witch tries to stop Geronimo Stilton from reaching the egg. Then they struggle to escape from the ugly trolls. When they try to find the stolen egg.
The theme of the novel is for Geronimo Stilton and his company to find the stolen egg to restore peace into the Kingdom of Fantasy. Also because for Geronimo Stilton to use his heart and brain to do his work and not to just do what ever when he doesn't even know what he's doing. The Queen's friends are the one who helped him about this.
Recommendation :
My Recommendation of this book would be a 8+ because it will be a perfect reading level for these kids and if it was younger they would not understand the novel. I will recommend this book to readers who like novel and picture books.This is my recommendation for this novel.
Thank You For Reading My Book Report
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