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this is a project that i did about mary anning.

Jasmin White

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of MARY ANNING

Most Famous For...
Mary Anning is most famous for her groundbreaking discovery when she and her brother unearthed a 6.5 ft. long skull of an Ichthyosaur , or "Water Lizard". Even though she was not much educated,she had a good eye when it came to searching for fossils. Mary is famous for many things that she discovered. 200 years was a long time back for most of us, at that time not much scientific discoveries were often.But also in that time, you would not see a 12 year old girl find a 6 feet fossil in a cliff either.
After her father died, Mary sold seashells near the beach.Many believed that this led to the famous tongue twister, "Sally sold seashells by the seashore".
Miss. Anning
A famous picture of Mary.
Mary Anning was born on May 21, 1799 in Lyme Regis,UK. She and her brother Joseph were the only 2 children that survived among the 10 children born to Richard Anning and his wife Mary Moore. Mary was named after a sister who had died in a house fire, but it was Mary who had survived a lightning strike that had killed three other people. Legend has it that the lightning strike turned her into a bright child.
Benefits of the world
Mary Anning's accomplishment had gave the people of the world a bright idea and also gave them the opportunity to look at the early life of planet Earth. Mary has also gave female scientists the power and inspiration to accomplish goals of their own. Mary opened the portal of the past and left it open for all the world to see and gave the scientific world a new name on their list of fossils. Generations will always remember the name , Mary Anning.
about Mary Anning
Mary Anning worked in the field of paleontology. In 1811, Mary's brother Joseph found a skull on a cliff. After a period of months, she soon discovered an almost complete skeleton of a crocodile.This discovery soon put Mary on the mark in the scientific world. She also made the discovery that ink from a squid-like animal can be us for drawing/writing. Most of her years of work were mainly in her hometown, Lyme Regis. Mary died on March 9, 1847 at the age of 47 do to breast cancer.


the water lizard.
an almost complete
Mary's fossil
find is in a
British museum.
Charles Dickens wrote an article about Mary, discussing her findings and achievements.
" the carpenters daughter won a name for
herself, and has deserved to win it."

- Charles Dickens
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