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Ellie Dowell

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of CHINA

Learn all about CHINA CHINESE WOMENS CLOTHING Growing Population – one child policy Over 1.3 billion people live in China, making one in every five people in the world Chinese.
At 3.7 million square miles, China is one of the biggest countries in the world. Because of this, families are only allowed to have one child! However, if they have twins one of the children has to be sent to England to be adopted and only one child will stay at home! :( chinese food
Noodles are the most important in any course of Chinese cuisine. The credit of inventing noodles goes to Chinese, later on, was spread over to European countries by Marco Polo in the 13th century and later on to the south Asian Countries. Making noodles in a traditional Chinese way is an acrobatic art. In early days the dough was pulled and whirled through the air in order to stretch it, but today the machines do the entire process. The Chinese have a very logical reason to explain why the longer noodles are the best! To the ever-superstitious Chinese, long noodles mean long life. The noodles are mixed with varied souses and vegetables to give an aromatic flavor quite popular among children.

Erotic Food of China --Snakes, Cats and Bird's Nests
Snake meat is highly valued in Chinese cuisine rather for a number of notable pharmaceutical effects than the taste. The taste of snake food is like chicken. Snake food is good in winter because it is regarded as heart warming. Eating the snake's gall bladder is supposed to bring sure relief from rheumatism. A dish named Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger is prepared of snake, chicken and cat and is supposed to be an especially powerful agent to restore youth and vigor. The food of cats, snakes, and bird's nests is quite nutritious, although Western’s are not convinced with this cuisine. Chinese tourist attractions Some of the most popular tourist attractions is The Great Wall Of China and The Forbidden City. The Forbidden City is where the old emperors temples are, and the reason why it is called forbidden is because no one was allowed in there because there where emperors. However now there are no emperors so it is a popular tourist attraction. The Great Wall of China, as it is called, is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful monuments ever made by mankind. Stretching approximately 6,700 kilometres from east to west of China, the Great Wall snakes up and down across the mountains, like a gigantic dragon. Thank you for watching, we hope you enjoyed the presentation! :D
By Holly, Ellie and Bob! CLOTHING Here is another video about chinese new year. Chinese New year is a very big event in china. Just like new year in England... but a lot bigger! To watch the video click on the play button inside the picture! This presentation will tell you all about the clothing, food, new year, landmarks and population in China!
We hope you enjoy! Hello i am bob your tour guide!
I will guide you through China
and all of its secrets! Womens chinese clothing are always very intricate and beautiful. Two of the main colours is red and gold. They very glittery and bold! Mens clothing are usually quite similar in pattern and colour if the woman and man are together. However, men wear a tunic which looks like a expensive dressing-gown! Chinese new year is all about the story of the chinese animals.
If you want to watch some more videos go to this website:
Chinese new year pictures: This year is the year of the snake They also do lots of dragon dancing in china: CHINESE MENS CLOTHING Even though this video is about chinese new year, it has a lot to do with emperors and tourists attractions!
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