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My Dream Job: Fashion Designer

By: Jailyne Mendoza

Jailyne Mendoza

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of My Dream Job: Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer I want to be a fashion designer because i love designing clothes. I have journals full of drawings of clothes. Fashion design is the art of the application of design or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Fashion designers work in many ways to design clothing and accessories. They attempt to design clothes that are functional. Fashion Education
There are many well known specialized art schools and design schools worldwide that offer degrees in fashion design and fashion design technology. It is not a requirement to have a masters degree but it is recommended by those already working in the industry. Salaries
Lowest = $30,000
Average = $62,610
Highest = $117,120 Fashion Designs
Fashion designs are an art form that deals with clothes and accessories only. Fashion only consists of two seasons, which are fall/winter and spring/summer. Fashion Designs
Designers present fashion shows based off of their ideas of what fashion for that season will look like not just for the runway but for the retailers as well
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