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"Catch the Moon" short story elements

No description

zach moore

on 22 August 2011

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Transcript of "Catch the Moon" short story elements

"Catch the Moon" Setting The Junk Yard was a major setting
in this story At the funeral home was another place
the setting took place at Characters The protagonist is Luis. he is a troubled boy who lost his mother 3 years ago
to cancer and he never got over it. He's also the leader of a gang called the Tiburone's. The
gang in the move was also called the sharks. The antagonist is Luis's father. He is agianst what luis does and the
group that he hangs out with. Owns a junk yard. Also sells hubcaps at his junk-
yard. Point-of-View The Point-of-View is third-person-omniscient.
and quote to prove that is "Luis, the senorita here has lost a wheel cover." Conflict It was both internal and external. The
conflict internally is that Luis is very
emotional because his mother died. His
external conflict is that he doesn't want
to be working at his dad's junk yard. Theme The theme is that you can't hold in your emotions.
If you hold them in then it will build up over time
and you can become a very unlikeable person. This
is what happend to Luis and he finally let his emotions out
and he finally did something good in 3 years.
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