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Clean Edge Razor

Strategic Marketing 2012 Joel Sharp and Courtney Grant

Joel Sharp

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Clean Edge Razor

Courtney Grant 21506078
Joel Sharp 22085629 MKF3131
Strategic Marketing
Clean Edge Razor Presentation Agenda Background

Identification of key issue

Situation Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Marketing Objectives

Solution – Executed Via Marketing Strategy

Pro’s and Cons of solution Background Paramount Health and Beauty Company since 1962
Well known and regarded
A global company
The Paramount Pro (moderate segment)
The Paramount Avail (value segment).

Development of The Clean Edge Razor in 2010

Major competitors are Prince (Cogent and Congent Plus), Benet & Klein (Vitric), The Tempest and The Naiv. Key Issue After developing a strong, convincing and technologically advanced product, there is a need to find a way to introduce and appropriately position and launch The Clean Edge Razor to a chosen targeted segment. Situation Analysis Industry Analysis Razor industry
Trends in advertising spend
Growth in super premium segment
Growth in male grooming products Customer Analysis 3 behavioural segments
Aesthetic Shavers
Social/emotional Shavers
Maintenance Shavers Competitor Analysis SWOT Analysis Marketing Objectives Objective 1 Obtain 55% of market share within the super premium mainstream segment by November 2011. Objective 2 Achieve $80,000,000 in revenue through Clean Edge Sales by November 2011. Objective 3 Gain 10% market share from the uninvolved razor users (Maintenance Shavers) by November 2011. Proposed Solutions To target all 3 behaviour segments of non-disposable razor consumers in the super-premium segment in the mainstream market Justification Snapshot Paramount does not have a product in the super-premium segment in the mainstream market

The Clean Edge is the “most effective razor on the market”

Growth in the super premium segment

Sales growth in the non-disposable razor market Alternative Solutions Niche Market to only social/emotional and aesthetic behavioural segments

Mainstream Market moderate segment to aesthetic and maintenance behavioural segments.

Mainstream Market value segment to Maintenance behavioural segment Brand Name Positioning “For men who regularly shave, Clean Edge by Paramount is the only non-disposable razor that provides proven increased hair removal and improved skin condition after each shave when compared to leading nondisposable razors because only Clean Edge has a vibrating, ultra-thin five-blade design” Targeting Male users

Aged 20-30 years old

3 behavioural segments
(primarily aesthetic and social/emotional) Implementation Communication Objective
To raise awareness of the Clean Edge by Paramount Razor within 80% of the target market by December 2010 through the use of rational emotional and convenience appeals

Celebrity endorsement: Ryan Reynolds Promotion Media Strategy Advertising

Digital Media
Social Media

Public Relations
Launch Events

In store and pack promotions (Ryan Reynolds) Timeline Budget Consumer and Competitor
Reactions Consumers:

The Ryan Reynolds Effect


Copy Cats Pros and Cons of our recommendation Contingency Plans Change the target market

Enter Niche Market






Consumer and competitor reactions

Alternative Solutions

Contingency Plan
Paramount CLEAN EDGE
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