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walao ryn

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Proposal to Call Tender for Sale of Earth, at BBM

Proposal to Call Tender for Sale of Earth, at BBM

BBMDSB to provide basic infrastructure to enable
TH Tebrau to develop commercial project
To construction 400 units affordable houses in 2015.

BBMBSB advertise for
Interested Parties to purchase the earth for their own use.
The volume of earth to exported : 800,000 m3
The works to take maximum six months to complete.
All necessary controls and fees to be by contractors.

Proposal for BBMDSB to Engage JLand as the Manager

To propose to engage Johor Land Berhad as the Project Manager to manage the projects undertaken by BBMDSB.
Status of BBMDSB
BBMDSB is a wholly owned company of JLand and being managed by directors as it has not employed any staffs.
The development to be planned by BBMDSB will take about 5-6 years to complete.

Appointment of Tender Board and Tender Committee

Salient Points of the Development Right Agreements

Project Plan
TH Tebrau: Condominium, apartments, shopping complexs, offices
In the event that any of the Conditions Precedent is not fulfilled

Not due to faults of any of the party

BBMDSB to refund all money paid
Faults due to TH Tebrau
Forfeiture sum of 10% of consideration i.e. RM18.38 mil

Faults due to BBMDSB
TH Tebrau opt for Specific Performance or
Claim cost already spent for the development

Bandar Baru Majidee Development Sdn Bhd
Land Size 39 acres

BBMDSB signed a Development Rights Agreement with TH Tebrau for 20.591 acres
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