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Write on!

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on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Write on!

Write On! Competition National Literacy Trust Lesson 2 Poetic Techniques Why poets might write. Using your "Write on" poems... Read the poem you've been given, make notes in your books about the poem, and the message you think the poet wants to give. See how many words you can make using these letters only.

ON YOUR OWN!!!!!! PERCEPTION What is your definition of the above word? The dictionary says... 1.The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.

2. The process of becoming aware of something. What is a stereotype? Location/North Face

110 trainers

Track suits

Neck warmers

Hoodies Choose a person that you think people perceive negatively. Write a blog from the young person you have selected,
which explains why people perceive them negatively, and the things that they don't see that would CHALLENGE this perception. Tone
Structure rhyming couplets similes metaphors repetition tactile imagery emotions alliteration assonance hyperbole visual imagery sound imagery simile






personification compare using "like/as"

compare using "is/are"

repeat a word for effect

where words end with the same sound

where words start with the same sound

words that paint a picture about what you see, feel or hear.
where you give an object a human quality rhyming couplets where two lines rhyme Create revision cards, write the technique on one side and the definition on the other. hyperbole means to exaggerate something Test each other and prepare to use them when we read the poems. In your books but working in pairs, write down why you think poets might write poetry. How did Adele want the listener to feel?
Why might she have written the song?
How does it make you feel? Swap with another group, read their poem and its message and add your opinion to it. Plenary On your group's piece of paper, bubble-map your favourite thing about the poem, use what has already been discussed and written down during the lesson. A F G D E R T What techniques does the poem use? Write the technique and example in your book. In your books write the poem's title and all that you discover. Neatly. message meaning technique favourite line and why? When you have read all 4 poems, in your books... 1. Choose your favourite of the four. THEN...
2. Use your techniques cards to identify the techniques used by the poet.
3. Plan your answer to the following question...

"What impressions does...create of young people and how does...create them?"
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