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By-Mhenaz Hossain

No description

Mhenaz Hossain

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of By-Mhenaz Hossain

Toms Keds
Sperrys Vans
Uggs Tori Burch
Converse Steve Madden
Jordan Addias Channel
High Heel
About half the woman's suffer foot problem because the high heel isn't comfortable
After putting Heels on for 1 hour 6 minutes and 48 seconds their feet will start to hurt.
Do you know why sneakers are called sneaker?Because you could sneak up on anyone very quietly.
If you are a professional runner you wear out your shoes every 200 miles but for the average person you wear it out 350-550 miles
Athletic shoes doesn't make you run faster it just make you think your running faster because you are more comfortable in them.
History of shoes
Brand names didn't exist in the past, you had to go in the store and have them personalized.
They also didn't have right or left footed shoes!
The fist company was called Keds.
Adi Dassler was the creator of Adidas and his brother Rudi is the creator of Puma.
Then the boom started when Nike got a contract for Michael Jordan and then Air Jordan's came out.
modern shoe brand

Sandals were made in warm climates because they needed something that covers the sole but not the top.
Middle East people added heels so they can walk on the sand without it burning
Left and right foot were made in Philadelphia
converse are the best selling basketball shoe ever sold
Tallest high heels ever worn is 20 inch!
Lady Gaga and Hedi Klum is known for wearing crazy heel
Louis Vettion has a couple of the most expensive heels (6000 dollar) each
High heels
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