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Resume and Cover Letter Workshop

No description


on 23 September 2016

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Transcript of Resume and Cover Letter Workshop

Anatomy of a Resume and Cover Letter
Frank Fake
School: 4 Campus Square Box 1234, Bethlehem PA 18015
Home: 1 Elm Road, Anywhere PA 12345
Email: xxx210@lehigh.edu • Cell: 732-xxx-xxxx • Home: xxx-xxx-xxx

Contact information
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA May 20xx
Bachelor of Science Business & Economics
Major __________, Minor ____________
GPA: _______ (Overall or Major)
Honors: List academic honors like Dean’s list, Year
Courses include: (List high level courses related to your major
separated by commas 5-9 courses max) ___________, _______, _________, ______________________

(Only list those categories which apply)
Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Sharepoint Designer, AutoCad, (add any software knowledge)
Intermediate Spanish (always add proficiency level with language Beginner, Intermediate, Conversational, Advanced, or Fluent)
Procedure/ Techniques

List additional club/ groups/ affiliations where you hold general membership separated by commas ___________, __________________, _____________, ___________, _____________________

Related Experience
(Include paid jobs, internships, co-ops, related organizations, externships, volunteerism, research, class projects, research papers, etc.)

, Company or organization, City, State Dates (Month year- month year format for campus activities you can use a Fall/Spring Year format)
• 3-5 bullets focused on the accomplishments or skills gained during the experience
• All bullets should begin with action verbs (see attached list of Action Verbs)
• Be specific about technology or procedures used

Title, Company or organization, Lehigh University (on campus positions can list LU for the location) Fall 20xx -Spring 20xx
• Facilitated tours for prospective students and families resulting in positive comments
• Presented on student panels for prospective and accepted student open houses
• Organized and scheduled campus visits and interviews for prospective students

One sided Objective
Combine skills and value proposition
"A <power adjective>, <power adjective> (your major) graduate seeking a <position/ opportunity> where I can bring value by <personal characteristic, skill, etc.>."
Where? When? What?
GPA -optional, but desired, list 3.0 and above
Related courses, specialty courses, not intros (5-9max)
Can include study abroad here or a separate section titled "International Experience" or "Study Abroad"
For First and Second year students, can include high school information
Can be separated into different sections
Related Experience
Leadership Experience
Additional Experience
Position titles
Company name
City, State
Include major responsibilities and outstanding achievements
Quantify wherever possible
Can use class projects/ thesis
Start bullet points with action verbs (past/ present tense)
Spell out words Street, Avenue, Road, Boulevard
Can include website LinkedIn contact or other FREE, PROFESSIONAL contact information
Skills, Activities
Computer competencies - List in order of importance
Procedures, techniques
Equipment you can operate
Foreign language
Social media
Skills should be relevant to the positions
Provide level of competency
List clubs, committees, and organizations in which you are a member
INCLUDE: sports, clubs, Greek affiliations, hobbies, etc.
However, do not repeat clubs or organizations listed on your resume in a different section
Have a career counselor check it
Make an appointment with a Career Counselor to develop your resume - 610-758-3710
Cover Letter
Tips for cover letter
Write to a specific person, using their name and title
Write to the decision maker, not the Human resources department
If your attempts to identify the decision maker are unsuccessful, use the salutation, “Dear Search Committee:”
Demonstrate knowledge of the organization
Target your skills and experiences
The "selling" paragraph highlights specific results achieved by you in areas important to successful job performance
When appropriate, use vocabulary specific to the industry
Avoid frequent use of pronouns (I, me, my, and mine)
Define your next step
Include a statement expressing your appreciation for the employer's consideration
Keep a copy for your file- FOLLOW UP

Cover Letter Format
Learning Objectives
Lehigh University
Center for Career & Professional Development
Rauch Business Center Suite 484
∙ Learn to create a college-level resume

∙ Understand how to tailor your resume to convey your strengths

∙ Create a cover letter to parallel your experience and the employer’s needs

Clubs/ Organizations
Education as Part of Your Brand
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