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Preston Hite Portfolio

Examples of my professional and academic projects, graphics, and the work of my students

Preston Hite

on 16 October 2017

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Transcript of Preston Hite Portfolio

Kia Motors of North America Training Center, West Point, Georgia
75,000-sf industrial training and education center at site of new automotive assembly plant
AIA Alabama Council Honor Award, AIA Birmingham Chapter Honor Award
Project Manager while with Giattina Aycock Architecture Studio
Bank of Tuscaloosa Plaza
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
100,000-sf, LEED Certified office building
Project Architect while with
Giattina Aycock Architecture Studio
NICU Stepdown Unit, Children's
Hospital of Alabama, Birmingham
Interior fit-up design and phasing plan to avoid service interruptions
Project Manager while with Giattina Aycock Architecture Studio
Edgewood Creamery, Birmingham, Alabama
New ice cream shop in walkable neighborhood. Project & furniture constructed for $34,000.
AIA Alabama Council Merit Award, AIA Birmingham Chapter Merit Award
Principal Architect while with Appleseed Workshop (formerly Place Design Studio)
Changed Lives Christian Center, Birmingham, Alabama
14-acre master plan and 30,000-sf facility for rehabilitative housing for formerly-homeless men. Constructed for $92/sf.
Principal Architect while with Appleseed Workshop (formerly Place Design Studio)
Private Residence, Birmingham, Alabama
Adaptive reuse of 85-year-old formerly commercial building in the heart of Downtown Birmingham, including newly-created entry court and rooftop deck
Principal Architect while with Appleseed Workshop (formerly Place Design Studio)
Deck Addition, Birmingham, Alabama
New screened deck addition with fireplace above a steeply-sloped and wooded back yard
Principal Architect while with Appleseed Workshop (formerly Place Design Studio)
Benjamin Russell
Hospital for Children
Birmingham, Alabama
Led trade coordination and facility management model and data integration for new 720,000-sf expansion facility
BIM Coordinator while with Hoar Construction
Carolinas Rehabilitation Hospital Northeast
Concord, North Carolina
Led design-assist coordination between design team and subcontractors
BIM Coordinator while with Hoar Construction
Robert Vance Federal Building, Birmingham, Alabama
Led trade coordination for renovation of 95-year-old, 200,000-sf courthouse facility
BIM Coordinator while with Hoar Construction
Bikestation, Decatur, Georgia
Bike trail network devised from land-use, and hub facility linking trails to mass transit, and providing a facility for equipping the city for bike-based exploration, learning, fitness and play
Fabric Exposition
Space devoted to demonstrating use of fabric as a spatial delineator
2:1 House
Single-family residence with guest apartment, with forms generated by plan proportion of the lot.
Interior fit-up design turned oblique from surrounding walls to generate push-pull dynamic
Opera House, Oslo, Norway
A nationalist song by Edvard Grieg is interpreted by assigning a color wavelength to each tone and by linking spatial volume to note duration
Batobus Dock, Paris, France
Northernmost station for water transit system, located in the Bassin de la Villette
Chattahoochee Culture Center, Sandy Springs, Georgia
Space for river access and observation, and for learning about the Cherokee who navigated the river
Anthropomorphic study
pencil on paper
Soul study
gouache on paper and flatbed digital scans
Reflective still life
white pencil on black paper
Figure sketch
pencil on paper
Self portrait
pencil on paper
Logo design
for stewardship emphasis
Logo design
for Place Design Studio
Logo design
Lydia Gritz: Clearwater Community Church
Infill within abandoned Nabisco Building
Senior Thesis, Interior Architecture, Samford University
Jonathan Haas: Samford
University School of Design
Re-use of Federal Reserve Bank building to house graduate design school
Senior Thesis, Interior Architecture, Samford University
Kathryn Nuwayhid: Spatial exploration
color pencil on mylar
Introduction to 3-D Design, Interior Architecture, Samford University
Melissa Mayo: Spatial exploration
color pencil on mylar
Introduction to 3-D Design, Interior Architecture, Samford University
Maddie Kennedy: Restoration Academy
Re-use of Downtown low-rise building to house K-5 school for underprivileged children
Senior Thesis, Interior Architecture, Samford University
Kate Sharp: Houston Fine Arts District Airport Café and Gallery
Airport space devoted to introducing travelers to the museums and collections of the Houston Fine Arts District
Senior Thesis, Interior Architecture, Samford University
JaeYeon Song: Children of War series
Pencil and acrylic on wood; multimedia on cardboard
AP Studio Art, Tianjin International School
Thank you for viewing these samples of my experience.
Please use the arrows below to advance views, or pan and zoom freely.

“Professor Hite was a pleasure to work with. His methods were pure and focused; they encouraged exploration and self-examination and instilled a desire to learn and create more. He possesses a wealth of knowledge on a broad variety of subjects and fosters an inter-disciplinary response to design thinking.”

—Jonathan Haas
“Preston Hite is a wonderful teacher, creative thinker, and mentor. As one of his students I was able to learn a tremendous amount about the creative process, architecture, and my own capabilities. He truly cares for each and every one of his students, and it is evident in the way he devotes his time and talents to their work. His goal is always to bring out a student's potential, and I honestly don't think I would have been able to find my own had it not been for Preston's guidance in my Senior Year. His passion for design and creativity is evident to all through his enthusiasm. I would whole-heartedly reccommend Preston for any position in which he has the opportunity to participate in a creative process, or teach others how to do so as well as he can.”
—Maddie Kennedy
"Professor Hite was devoted to making sure we were learning the material and was more than willing to give us extra help if we needed it. There wasn't one student who didn't enjoy the classes he taught."

—Audrey Leder
"As a young interior design student, the experiences and knowledge aquired under the instruction and guidance of Mr. Hite were invaluable to the reshaping of my preconceived perceptions of design. He successfully impressed upon me the vital importance of elements central to successful design which have in turn had an extremely positive impact upon my design perception and growth."

—Kristin Lewis
"Preston was a fine arts teacher with a deep well of knowledge, excellent breadth and experience in the Arts and Design. He taught with humor, attention to detail and a genuine concern for individual student learning. 'Like a walking textbook, and he could actually produce what he was talking about,' was one student's summary."
—Michael Pollack
Father of one of my students
“Preston is excellent architect with a firm grasp of design principles and material knowledge. His command of project development and management is evidenced through his portfolio of work."
—Jim Hogan
Landscape Architect
“Preston and I have worked together on several projects over the years, first at Children's Hospital of Alabama when he was with Giattina Aycock and most recently at Appleseed Workshop. Preston is a very thorough architect and has a good understanding of what it takes to put a project together on time and in budget. He also has a good grasp of the engineering disciplines and how they interact with the architecture.”
—Chris Golden
Mechanical Engineer
“We were very pleased with the work Preston did in designing and overseeing the implementation of the design for our home remodel. Even though it is stressful living in your home while it is being remodeled, it was helpful to know that we had someone who we trusted and who was reliable leading the work. Because of Preston's ability to create a great initial concept and our trust in the excellent work, we were able to find some peace in the midst of a building project. I would highly recommend Preston to others looking for an architect who has great knowledge in his field and provides an excellent product."
—Todd Harrington
“Preston consistently challenged students' design sensibilities through his proactive measures of teaching. I found his thorough preparation for class innovative and comprehensive, without overly burdening students. Preston consistently took advantage of every teachable moment in and outside of the classroom setting. He conveyed the attitude of a faithful, available, and teachable educator. He has a proven character of honesty and integrity. It is with great honor I recommend Preston as a design educator.”
—Charles Ford
Colleague at Samford University Department of Interior Architecture
Walt Disney World Fantasyland Expansion,
Orlando, Florida
Created BIM-to-field strategy for $50 million theme park expansion/re-theming
BIM Coordinator while with Hoar Construction
NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital,
Jonesboro, Arkansas
Initiated modeling and trade coordination process for $400 million hospital campus
BIM Coordinator while with Hoar Construction
Preston’s varied experience is definitely his strong suit. His experience as both an architect and a contractor uniquely position him to provide a level of service to his employer and his owner clients that is rarely seen. I have seen many architects enter the contracting world but few are able to see the day to day issues from both sides. Preston’s professionalism and his affable manner have made him a pleasure to work with. If you don’t have a Preston, I recommend finding one of your own.
—Andy Dickey
“At at time when we were experiencing some dysfunction in the coordination process on a $270 million healthcare project, Preston stepped up to provide leadership by quarterbacking the co-location of BIM staff of all MEP trade partners for the hospital. The results were dramatic in that the coordination time per floor was reduced by almost 50%, the collisions became fewer and father between, and the savings to the owner in terms of time and money were significant.”
—Richard Drennen
Owner, Superior Mechanical
SKILD Elementary School, Beirut, Lebanon
Volunteer Lead Architect for new 400-student school for children with special needs
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