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Poseidon's Influence on Greece

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Drew Yarbrough

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Poseidon's Influence on Greece

Poseidon was a Greek god who ruled the seas, created horses, and was known as "earthshaker" because he was believed to cause earthquakes. He was one of the three brothers born to the titan Kronos, and is one of the most powerful gods in Greek mythology. His brother were Hades and Zeus.
Who Was Poseidon in Greek Culture
Poseidon, being the god of the seas, had a huge impact on how the Greeks made use of the seas. Greece used the sea for almost all trade and food. Greece was surrounded by water on three sides. On the side that wasn't surrounded there were high mountains that were hard to traverse. Fishermen, sailors, warriors going on conquests, merchants, and other voyagers going on the seas would spends days sacrificing to Poseidon that he would give them a safe voyage.
Poseidon's Influence to Greek Fishermen
Homer the Odyssey's Author
Poseidon makes more appearances in Greek literature. Poseidon is shown in the Odyssey and plays roles throughout the poem. Historians say that Homer was trying to show that Poseidon was not a warring god, but a peacemaking god.
Poseidon' Influence on the Odyssey
Poseidon's Influence on Greece
by Drew Yarbrough
Poseidon makes yet another appearance in the Illiad by Homer. In this story, Homer shows Poseidon as a god who favors a certain people and helps those people against the Trojan forces.
Poseidon's Influence in the Illiad
Poseidon's Influence on War
Poseidon also had an influence on war, since he is credited with creating horses which were used by warriors, generals, chariots, and other warring positions.
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