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No description

Amy Swanson

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Tuesday

The Diary of Anne Frank
Let's take a moment and talk about character traits. We learned a lot about the characters yesterday... how would you describe... ?
--Anne --Mr. Van Daan
--Mrs. Frank --Mr. Frank
-- Mrs. Van Daan --Margot
The Diary of Anne Frank
Now, let's continue reading...
Achieve 3000
Complete the activity for "Bringing the Zoo to You."

Next, begin to use your laptop to complete question #4 on the Article of the Week. You may work with a partner if you choose to.
Section 3
As we read, keep thinking about how Elie as the lens changes the way the reader experiences the story.... how do you feel about viewing the story through his perspective? How might it be different if told from a different perspective?
Do Now :
Roots Brainstorm
You all know the rules by now...

No made-up words (-5)
No words from anywhere on the front page of the list (-5)
No multiple forms of the same word
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