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Marketing Survey Project

No description

Amy Lu

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Marketing Survey Project

The Problem
The Survey
Survey Results
Survey Results Continued
Not many students were interested in designing a hoodie
The most preferred colours were navy blue and black
Many people suggested hats and socks as possible items that they would like to buy instead
socks were actually really popular
Main reasons as to why most people had not bought school merchandise from the Dogpound:
They didn't know where to buy it
They already owned some from sports teams
The price was outside their budget
Focus Group Results
Marketing Survey Project
Thank you!
Reason why people aren't buying clothing from the Dogpound
What can we change about the clothing to make it more appealing to buyers/students
Surveyed 5 different classes
one from each grade
Questions designed to gain insight to the many reasons why people might be reluctant to buy clothing
Some examples of our questions are:
Would you buy a customized hoodie? For example, the option of putting your last name on the back of the hoodie.
Have you ever seen any advertisements around the school about Churchill clothing?
What clothing item or school merchandise would you like to see in the store that isn’t currently available?
Would you be more willing to buy an article of clothing if you knew where the profit was going?
not enough advertising around the school
not many people are aware that the Dogpound sells clothes
posters should better quality, so that the clothes don't appear "cheap" or "tacky"
many people have concerns about the price
most people prefer hoodies over jackets
advertise more for hoodies because they're more preferred
Like the hot lunches, we can have a deadline for orders, and then we can send all of them in so we save money because we're buying bulk
Show them where the money is going
Offer new merchandise (if possible) such as hats and socks
mainly grade eights who didn't know that the Dogpound sold clothing, because they're new
grade eights were also the group that were surveyed to be most likely to buy the clothing
focus more on advertising towards grade eights - e.g give flyers to them when they first go to homeroom
most people prefer the color black for clothing, so have the color black available for women's clothing
advertise more around school, have better quality posters with more professional pictures, which will appeal to more people, and says something about the quality
most people said they would be more willing to buy the clothing if they knew where the profit was going
we could have posters outside the Dogpound showing where the profit was going
6 out of 8 people have never seen posters around the school
the people who saw the posters thought that they weren't attractive so it made the clothing seem unappealing
most people preferred the colour black as a clothing color
some didn't like the collar of the jacket
Many people didn't know that the Dogpound sold clothing and they stated that they had never seen any advertisements around the school
Those who had seen the advertisements had not known where to buy the clothing
Most people liked the style and fit of the jackets
There were however many conflicting opinions on the jacket design
Some thought it was too plain, others liked it because it was simple looking
Most people stated that they would be much more likely to buy a clothing item if they knew where the money was going towards, or if they could track the impact it was making in the school
Hoodies were by far the most popular item with jackets in second place followed by T-shirts and Sweatpants
Result of Close-Ended Questions
By Tania Li and Amy Lu
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